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Moon Hooch at Music Hall of Williamsburg Review

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Who knew you could make such good dance music with saxophones? Brookyln’s own Moon Hooch came home Thursday, August 25 with an energizing show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. With a style Moon Hooch refers to as “Cave Music. Organic House Music. More wild, more jagged, more free, more natural to live in and dance in,” Moon Hooch rocked out with Billyburg attendees with a satisfying two-hour set.

Getting their start by performing in Williamburg’s Bedford L station, Moon Hooch hit local notoriety by getting kicked out by the MTA for “starting too many dance parties.” They have since gained popularity nationwide by touring with indie powerhouse They Might Be Giants.

The Music Hall of Williamsburg is a mid-size venue with reasonable ticket prices hovering around $25. Moon Hooch tickets were $20–a great deal for, including the opening band, three hours of entertainment. The music hall has three floors and two bars; it had a lounge, a floor, and a mezzanine with bars on the lounge and mezzanine. The mezzanine had tables with chairs around the periphery and stadium seating. The venue was clean and convenient, only a 15-minute walk from neighboring Greenpoint.

The opening band was Bears. Not to be confused with 80s group The Bears, Bears is a self-described “doom pop” band. They opened with an hour-long set reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins or The Verve. It was good ol’ alternative rock time, but the floor really started heating up around 10PM, as the main attraction was set to take stage.

No introduction needed, Moon Hooch jumped out. Wenzl McGowe and Mike Wilbur grabbed their saxes off the stands. The drummer, James Muschler, rocked no shirt. They began their set with the trippy “Psychotubes.”

Here is footage I got of their opening song from my mezzanine seat:

The guy positioned right in front of center stage really stole the show. He kept up his mad moves all night!

Moon Hooch then transitioned into some “ambient improv,” before launching into a bunch of new tracks from their new album, Red Sky. Notable tracks were “Low 5,” “Alien Invasion,” and “Rough Sex.” There were little to no breaks for the band as they flowed seamlessly from one track into the other, including some techno improv and a sax solo by McGowe. The energy from the crowd never died down, as everyone saved no energy for an afterparty.

One thing that was different from some of their previous shows is that one of the members tried his hand at vocals in “St. Louis.” There were no male vocals three years ago at their show at Brooklyn Bowl. While they weren’t my favorite part of the set, it was nice to see the band expand their skill set and try new things.

About three-quarters of the way through their set, Moon Hooch busted out with “Number 9” The crowd went wild. This was the song they sampled the iconic “Ladies and gentleman, the next L train is now arriving on the Manhattan bound tracks.” Brooklyn knew and appreciated their home song.

They ended with “Contra Dubstep,” which is a markedly different song from the ever-catchy “Contra.” Notably absent from this set was “Contra” (Dictionary: Contra – preposition – “against.”), perhaps due to to a desire to focus on the new album or the lack of availability of the female vocalist. Whatever the reason, “Contra Dubstep,” is still a great example of the band’s self-described “Cave Music,” bold and with bass drops.

Moon Hooch thanked the crowd and exited the stage, but no one budged. There had to be an encore. Sure enough, they stepped right back out with their encore song, “Number 1.” I do have a video of the encore too, but you’ll have to go see them in person to see it. Moon Hooch deserves it.

The show was a fantastic reminder that fresh music is alive and well in Brooklyn. Moon Hooch put on their signature energetic performance with a new album that not only will resonate with saxophone connoisseurs, but with anyone looking for something to dance to.

Moon Hooch is touring now! Check out for dates and tickets.
Check out their new album, Red Sky, at


Best of Overheard in Brooklyn # 4

Best of @heardinbk

Post # 3

Post #2

Post #1

Sorry, guys. I’ve been neglectful of my cross-posting. Yes, I know tweets have an easy embed feature, but I like the way this looks better.

“I’m always afraid my sister’s profile is going to come up. She lives near here”–man talking about OkCupid at the bar #overheardinbrooklyn

“There’s this great tamale place in Midtown in an abandoned elevator shaft.” #overheardinbrooklyn

And then she said, with firm conviction, “I miss The Harlem Shake.”

“My cat still has PTSD from my leash-training attempt.”

“Do you know your Myers-Briggs type?”

today is the day: “learn on the internet how to love a plant” ~ overheard in brooklyn

Overheard near Grand Army Plaza: “Where’s the line between gossip and processing interpersonal dynamics?” (cc: @HeardInBK)

“The other [frozen yogurt] place in Williamsburg sold out of fruit once. It was disgusting. I was so angry.”

yo i’m adam but my club name is “DJ Cisgendered”

 Retweeted by Overheard Brooklyn

“It’s like the whole movie’s on Instagram.” Regarding Moonrise Kingdom.

“I’ll love him so long as he doesn’t turn out to be a Republican or a Red Sox fan.” -guy holding baby #conditionallove

Overheard in Brooklyn: “there needs to be some sort of national bong functionality standardization” @HeardInBK

Overheard cellphone conversation in Brooklyn: “I’m failing miserably at this human experience. What are you doing?”

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“Her fashion sense is something like an Amish person meets a transvestite.”

“Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Cats! Everybody!” < #Shots for lonely, introverted people.

MC Chris The Monster Hunter Tour 2012 at The Knitting Factory

Here’s my full review + heckler story + info on his recent reddit drama.

Remember, I get paid for this (unlike all my other projects), so remember to hit the “like” the button on the Suite101 page:

MC Chris The Monster Hunter Tour 2012 at The Knitting Factory

In a middle of the act, a young woman in a Batgirl T-shirt threw a plastic cup in the air close to the stage. An empty cup had been tossed onstage earlier, but this one had liquid which reflected blue in the stage lights as it burst through the air.

“You don’t throw a cup at digital Woody Guthrie!” the performer exclaimed.

The crowd was torn with boos for the woman and cheers for mc chris. He instructed the audience to clear a path so the woman had an exit route for the door. The woman instead climbed up onto the stage and appeared to ask for the artist for a hug, but he brandished a portable stage fan defensively to “blow away the stench.”

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Overheard in Brooklyn Tweets #3

July 18, 2012 1 comment

I got retweeted by MC Chris! I feel like I’ve been touched by a Nerd God. @HeardinBK  Send me your hipster quotes!

“Yeah, I do want to say something to you. As a Batgirl, you’re disappointing!” –@_mcchris to drunk heckler being led out of@KnitBrooklyn

Candice HallCandice Hall ‏@sexmysobriquet

“You don’t throw a cup at digital Woody Guthrie!” –@_mcchris at drunk heckler.

Retweeted by Overheard Brooklyn

“I thought ‘Pynchonian’ was a type of lunch meat.”

“Going to the dentist is like going to Cirque de Soleil except I’m always going to get mauled by tigers.”

“I never preheat my oven. I’m a rebel.”

“I just used ‘ceteris paribus’ in a text message. Yeah… I’m a nerd.”

#overheardinbk “it was great! i really got to experience the cultural anonymity of dressing barn animals in old-timey people clothes.”

“Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence would be a great indie band name.”

Overheard BrooklynOverheard Brooklyn ‏@HeardInBK

“Dolphins Rape People. Band name or PSA?” At Norman ave and Jewel st, Greenpoint.

“I saw a girl with a brass-colored leg and my first thought was “what a great steampunk outfit.”

“Sometimes when I’m bored on the train I play ‘Who in this car would I most likely fuck.’ ‘Me too.'”

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Webcomic Wednesday: Michael Kupperman

I normally don’t do a Weird News AND a Webcomic for WTF Wednesday.  But I gotta give a shout-out to lesser-known-but-almost-there comic book artist Michael Kupperman.

I saw him at a comedy show last night at the Littlefield and then came home and watched the pilot for Snake N Bacon.

I’m not sure why Cartoon Network didn’t pick it up; it’s like Robot Chicken but funnier. Bacon: “Wrap your dog’s pills in me.” RABID DISTRICT ATTORNEY Judge: “Stop that! You’re frothing on my  gavel.”

Follow Michael Kupperman’s blog right here on WordPress.

WTF Wednesday — Woodchucks Steal Flags from Cemetery

Weird News Wednesday

N.Y. authorities say woodchucks have been stealing flags from cemetery

Around 75 flags were reported missing from Civil War graves in the days leading up to and following Independence Day.

Hallenbeck said he was glad the culprit wasn’t a human resident. He said some flags are now coated with a substance that attracts woodchucks.

Woodchuck Mating Spray! $10 + S&H. Spray it on your neighbors flags for revenge! Woodchuck love is in the air.

Bee tee dubs, woodchucks are the same thing as groundhogs. I have an old post explaining the difference between gophers and groundhogs. Also, according to Wikipedia, gophers are also known as “whistle-pigs” and “land-beavers.”


And here’s one for you fellow Greenpointers/Williamsburgers:

‘Caddyshack’ moment at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park pool: Lifeguards clear swimmers out of the water when a brown object is seen bobbing on the surface

I refuse to go to in the new, free McCarren Park pool. It reeks of children and desperation.

More Overheard in Brooklyn Tweets

Eleven days into my new project and I haven’t given up. Pimp my Twitter. Pimp my Twitter. Pimp my Twitter.

23% follower to following rate. Could be worse.

You know what’s more important than followers? Retweets. It’s hard to do on twitter if you’re not in a tweet circle jerk. Do me a solid, guys, and check the page and retweet your favorite quote. And comment if you have suggestions!

Overheard Brooklyn


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Williamsburg, Brooklyn 


“I would like to thank the fine denizens of the Internet for inspiring my wireless network name. ‘BonerHitler.'”

“My love life is a Jungian soap opera.”

“You’re raping the cows! You’re raping the cows!” [at icecream truck]

“He’s like Thoreau but with Tourette’s.”

“They rhymed ‘Vietnam’ with ‘Bambi’s mom.'” #garfunkelandoates

no matter how many people think of a stoner dating site, it will never get built

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“How do you say ‘take my pants off’ in Esperanto?”