Best of Clantily Scad

People Who Hate Me <  I have recieved enough vitriolic comments on various posts to make a list.  If you hate me, let me know so I can add you!


Happy 100,000 Hits! Reflections on Blogging

My Failed “I Am Anthony Weiner” Crotch Shot Movement

Tiger Mom Parenting Will Give Your Child an Eating Disorder

The Sims Social Addicts Anonymous or: How a Facebook Game Ate My Life

Dark Existentialist Book Written by 4-Year-Old Me

Tried and Failed to get Addicted to Nicotine

Fact Checking Series:

The Cult of Cutco: An Expose on Vector Maketing

Cosmo Claims Men “Lack” 12 Abilities

National Inflation Association and A Comment Reax

PJTV’s Obamacare Yay or Nay

Media Reviews:

Thor (Movie)

House is Terrible But I’m Too Emotionally Invested to Stop Watching

Twilight (Book)


Pugs are Ugly Motherfuckers

Amy Winehouse commentary and its follow-up post with the list of jokes.

My Annotated Transcript series of the GOP debates

Disappointing Things of 2011

Badass of the Week:  The ZebraFish (

Not funny, but informative:

Emu versus Ostrich and Gopher versus Groundhog

Same Sex Marriage Essay – I wrote this in high school so I was ahead of the curve.



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  1. […] Best of Clantily Scad « Clantily Scad: Dyslexistentialist Commentary …National Inflation Association and A Comment Reax · PJTV’s Obamacare Yay or Nay. –. Media Reviews: Thor (Movie) – Most elaborate penis joke I have ever … […]

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