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Amir Zakeri is a photographer and videographer with a broken Sony a7S II camera.

Here’s his story of an epic two month fight with Sony Customer Service and their third party repair service:

I’ve had similar experiences with Apple Repair Services.

I had a keyboard on a Macbook Pro that was shorted and was inputting characters without touching the keyboard. The Apple Store told me I had liquid damage and wanted $750 to restore the entire Macbook Pro, even though I’m almost positive the problem could be fixed by simply replacing the keyboard. (I’m certain there was no liquid damage anywhere else than the keyboard, and because the liquid damage happened 6 months prior to when it stopped working, I’m not even sure that’s the reason the keyboard wasn’t working.)

I’m going to try fixing my keyboard myself, and I might make a post about the process.

In the meantime, I feel you Amir. Repair services are such scams sometimes.

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Rust Cohle has some philosophical overlap with Kanye.

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I’m not sure how I missed this for so long.

Ok, writing the tags for this post felt weird.

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Review My Friends 

Here’s a new website that I’m sure will facilitate talking shit behind your supposed friends’ backs.

Anonymously praise or critique your Facebook friends and see what others think about you. Don’t worry, no one will know you wrote it!

You can easily Connect to RMF via Facebook. And then talk nice things. Or talk shit. The choice is yours. – My friends made RMF, so I might be a little biased, but I think it’s a good idea.

This is not a sponsored post. I’m just promoting them for free because I like them. So um, this is a review I guess. 5/5 stars. Would gossip on daily.

I also advised them to have a good lawyer on tap in case a 14-year-old Canadian girl kills herself from bullying.

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Q:  How do you pronounce “Ylvis?”

A:  “Ill-vis” Like Elvis but ill. Accent on the ill.

Ylvis is a variety show group from Bergen, Norway, consisting of the two brothers Bård Ylvisåker (born 1982) and Vegard Ylvisåker (born ca 1979).


You’re Welcome.

Acoustic cover of Ylvis’s “The Fox”:

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If you don’t watch Adventure Time on Cartoon Network or basically pirated everywhere on the internet, you should watch it.

If you do watch Adventure Time, you should also see this:

This YouTube video deserves way more than 3,000 views.

S2E5: “Storytelling”

Fun Fact/FYI: That running gag on the show is called PHIL FACE, named after the lead character designer for Adventure Time, Phil Rynda. Here is the Adventure Time wiki article for PHIL FACE:

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Miley Cyrus Reaction Video (ORIGINAL VIDEO) – taken by yours truly.

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