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AppsBlogger: Nearly Half of All Kickstarters Fail

Mashable released an infographic last week from that had the statistic 41% of all projects did not meet their funding goals:

The infographic, created by, looked at a total of 45,815 Kickstarter projects and nearly $215 million pledged funds. It shows that the secret to having a successful Kickstarter project is setting a realistic monetary goal and dedicating the right amount of campaigning days to spend on the site.

Shorter Kickstarter campaigns tend to better, with the average successful project lasting 38 days, compared to failed projects which averaged 43 days. Meanwhile, successful projects typically ask for around $5,487 compared to failed projects which, on average, ask for $16,365.

What makes Kickstarter unique compared to other donation pages is that you’re only charged your pledge if the project succeeds in its fundraising goal.

It’s no secret that social networking and promotion are keys to Kickstarter success.  So now that I’ve lured you in…

A friend in Brooklyn, Meg Paska, who is essentially the face of the Brooklyn homesteading movement (also beekeeping) moved to a farm recently and is trying to start up her own place to run farm workshops based on Community Supported Agriculture.

She’s reached the half way point for her goal already with a couple more weeks to go.  She wants to grow food and raise animals on a larger scale than what she was doing in Brooklyn.

Remember, projects succeed more often than they fail.

Go and help her out: