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Free Science Summer Courses Online: Mental Health, Gene Expression, Virology

Hat-tip to Paul Gilmartin via The Mental Illness Happy Hour for the mental health class tip.

I thought this would be good follow-up to the Cara Santa Maria post.

Coursera is offering a bunch of free summer courses that you can enroll in today and start a bit later.

The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness starts June 24th and lasts 6 weeks. I was looking at it, but then, while browsing other courses, I found Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression from the University of Melbourne. And then I found Virology I from Columbia University. Score! Free learning!

The Gene class starts July 1 and lasts 6 weeks. Virology starts August 1 and lasts 11 weeks.

I couldn’t decide which one of two I wanted to do more, so I signed up for both. It’s only a two week overlap. I’ve never taken a Cousera class before, but I’ve heard good things.

I’ll post reviews for the classes on here in a couple months.