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Please Help Me

[Update: I got an amazon wishlist with stuff like toothpaste and household products and some groceries. ]

I don’t know who reads this anymore. This was a difficult write.

As you may know, I suffer from severe treatment-resistant major depression and have suffered for many years. I’ve never been able to hold a job or attend school for more than a few months at a time. I have been hospitalized many times and have been on every appropriate pharmaceutical drug that is available. My doctor tell me I’ve run out of pharmaceutical options to try.

I have applied for social security disability, but mental disorder cases can take years to process and will almost always be rejected on the first try. The cash assistance program (TANF) maxes out at 24 months over a lifetime and I have used it up those benefits years ago. I have maxed out my student credit cards slowly over the decade by putting living expenses on it and my bills are several months overdue.

As such, my living conditions have become particularly grim. My boyfriend does not make enough to support 2 people. His contribution to my welfare is one meal a day. I am grateful that he’s not charging me rent.

Last week when i was on my period I used rolled up toilet paper stuffed in my pants for a week because I ran out of hygiene products. I have to manually hold my glasses onto my face, because they are broken and I haven’t been to an optometrist in years. Likewise with my teeth. I’m limited to chewing on one side because cavities on the other side have overgrown my molars.

I have no family to turn to and my boyfriend does not support me besides buying that one meal. So now I’m here, on my old blog, asking my friends for paypal donations to help bridge the gap between now and when i get social security approved. I’m sorry my condition doesn’t have the tragedy or poster value of cancer, but I assure you living with this condition has been significantly painful and disabling. Donations will go to food, personal hygiene items, health care, and utility bills.

The address for paypal is: [email protected]

Here is the link for the send form:

If you’d rather send a care package, e-mail me at the same address for information on where to send it to. However, I would prefer a cash donation in order to more directly and efficiently allocate to my needs.

I am extremely embarrassed at the state my life has devolved into over the years and my inability to care for my basic needs.

Please help if you are able. It should go without saying that I will be grateful.