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HIghdea #2: Pugs are ugly motherfuckers

^via ToothpasteforDinner

According to Truth as a Democracy, Pugs also can suffer from a variety of health issues, including overheating, obesity, pharyngeal reflex and two fatal conditions which are necrotizing meningoencephalitis and hemivertebrae.  In addition, care must be taken by their owner to clean the folds of skin on their face.

Yes, in addition to having conditions impossible to pronounce, this is  dog so ugly, you have to manually clean the wrinkles in its face.  Especially if it eats its own shit, because the fecal coliforms might accidentally mutate into intelligent life incubating under those furry folds of skin.

Pug may be made less ugly by breeding with a beagle, the resulting mutt known as a puggle…

which  can kind of look cute when it’s a puppy…


Another blogger confirms, pugs are actually, indeed, smelly goblins:

I’m sure I’m going to get hatemail from pug enthusiasts.   But really, Pugs deserve their rightful place at the Ugly Overload blogspot.