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Hi, Blog Followers.

If you haven’t noticed, I double posted a post to the wrong blog with sensitive material. I deleted it immediately.

I guess anyone following me already knows my shit, but now that automated e-mails are out, can you keep this info under wraps?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about: good.



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If you don’t watch Adventure Time on Cartoon Network or basically pirated everywhere on the internet, you should watch it.

If you do watch Adventure Time, you should also see this:

This YouTube video deserves way more than 3,000 views.

S2E5: “Storytelling”

Fun Fact/FYI: That running gag on the show is called PHIL FACE, named after the lead character designer for Adventure Time, Phil Rynda. Here is the Adventure Time wiki article for PHIL FACE:

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This is from The Vault of Adolescence.

(Loud emergency signal beep at the beginning.)

Randolph High School Mass Media II J-term exam. Canon GL2. Adobe Premiere Pro. 2005.

It was mostly a Photoshop assignment, but the video segment had some weird constraints if I remember correctly.  Fast motion, slow motion, a minute flat editing after the emergency beep, and different types of camera angles. So it was edited a little quickly and awkwardly. But I think mine was the best in the class given that it due during exam week.

I was a child. That’s weird to think about. I still have that pink tank top.

Thanks to RHS for having the most badass Mass Media program in New Jersey.

Also, thanks to neofelix for being my partner-in-crime.

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What the FUCK is with this stupid $30 custom css bullshit where they won’t even let me access the original .css file.

If it wasn’t for’s easy follow system and my lack of PHP knowledge I would switch to self-hosting so fast.

On that angry note, if any CSS developers know how to make it so I can have a fucking site title on iNove theme that doesn’t overlap with the menu bar, I could really use some help with troubleshooting and this stupid “overwrite” thing that doesn’t seem to be working. I feel like some
tags could fix this easily, but I can’t get it to work properly.

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Miley Cyrus Reaction Video (ORIGINAL VIDEO) – taken by yours truly.

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Joyce Brown was a New York City resident and homeless woman who was involuntarily hospitalized in NYC in 1987.

On October 28, 1987, Ms. Brown was transported to Bellevue Hospital as the first patient under Project HELP, a city program spearheaded by Mayor Ed Koch, a program aimed at the hospitalization of the homeless. She had been living on the streets in Manhattan and often used the fake name “Billie Bogs” to avoid being found by her family.

On December 18, the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court in Manhattan upheld her involuntary commitment.  However, the judge that wrote the dissenting argument claimed that there was not enough evidence to support the notion that she was a danger to herself.1

Dr. Francine Cournos, an assistant professor of psychiatry  Columbia University, stated that although she thought treatment would be helpful, it was not advised treatment be given against her will. On January 15, 1988, a judge ruled that Joyce Brown could be not involuntary medicated.2

The appeal to confine Joyce Brown was eventually successful, with help from lawyers from NYCLU, whom she had called herself for legal support. Acting State Supreme Court Justice Robert Lippmann determined that she was competent enough to not be a danger to herself or others. She was released after nearly three months of involuntary commitment.3

She went on to seek gainful employment and many have written published articles about her civil rights case and involuntary medication and commitment.

1. Kirk Johnson. The New York Times. Court Backs Treatment of Woman Held Under Koch Homeless Plan. Published: December 19, 1987.

2. Josh Barbanel. The New York Times. Joyce Brown Obtains a Ban On Medicine. Published: January 16, 1988.

3. Jeanie Kasindorf. New York Magazine. The Real Story of Billie Bogs.Published: May 2, 1988.

Related reading:

Treatment Advocacy Center: Involuntary Hospitalization in the Modern Era: Is “Dangerousness” Ambiguous or Obsolete?

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This is one piece: hat, scarf, handwarmers.

It was 100% acrylic though and I unfortunately made the mistake of putting it in the dryer this past winter.😦

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