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LOOK! IT’S… Workers at Chipotle pose with Mitt Romney during lunch stop in Denver via @AP

Charles Dharapak (@CharlesDharapak) October 02, 2012

Romney to Portman at Chipotle: “I usually get the burrito. I think I’ll go for the bowl today. That’s a good idea.” #journalism

Sam Youngman (@samyoungman) October 02, 2012

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Chris Christie really is just a louder, fatter, meaner version of Romney. They both cater to the same corporate interests, and they both have no solutions for wealth inequality.

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Yesterday, as I watched NBC’s Meet the Press, moderated by David Gregory, I was caught by surprise when I heard Gov. Chris Christie (NJ-R) use the phrase “shared sacrifice,” not once, but thrice. While I rarely give much thought to the words of campaign surrogates, as I take the candidate’s words as his or her official stance, this interview defined this election.

“Shared Sacrifice and a Balanced Approach,” also known as the “Shared Sacrifice Plan,” was President Obama’s fiscal message of 2011. He could frequently be seen touting the fact the he, and people in his income bracket, could afford to give a little more in this time of economic hardship for the country. Obama felt that if cuts to domestic spending, safety net programs included, were being considered, then revenue increases should be as well. His proposed solution would have had everyone with annual incomes greater than $250,000 experience…

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I’m posting today because, dear readers, that time of year has come. It gets dark outside before 7PM, I’m working full-time on my feet, and quite simply, I’m tired of blogging. I’m tired in general.

The part of my brain that does the motivational stuff isn’t working properly anymore.

This post probably isn’t an official “hiatus” post or anything like that. I just put down the payment to renew my domain name, after all. But until my brain reboots itself, there probably will be a slowing of original content, with an occasional political re-blog until the election. After that, I’m not sure…

I’ve been thinking about Allie Brosh, the author of the web-comic-blog Hyperbole and a Half.

She posted her last comic,“Adventures in Depression,” about a year ago.

October 2011:

But trying to use willpower to overcome the apathetic sort of sadness that accompanies depression is like a person with no arms trying to punch themselves until their hands grow back.  A fundamental component of the plan is missing and it isn’t going to work.

I don’t know how she’s doing, or if she ever got better enough to finish her book. I haven’t heard much since the thread she responded to on reddit 6 months ago. But I hope she’s still doing well. And I hope she finishes her book.

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Snapped today in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY:

This sends so many signals and leaves so many questions.

Like, “How many bodies of minors are in that backseat?” (I was afraid to look) and “Is it legal to upload a picture of someone’s license plate?” (According to Google, yes, yes it is.)

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Sarah Kliff from Wonkblog reports:

They find, in a 230-page report out Thursday, that as many a middle school student may have long suspected, there’s barely any evidence that most of these tests predict better health outcomes later in life.

“The committee’s review of the scientific literature revealed that studies on fitness measures for youth often were not designed to answer questions related to understanding the relationships between fitness measures and health across all ages, genders, and racial/ethnic populations.”

The committee came out especially strong against flexibility tests, things like attempting to touch one’s toes while sitting — the dreaded “sit and reach,” that has vexed many inflexible eighth graders. Due to a “lack of evidence for an association between flexibility tests and health outcomes,” it recommends against “including such tests” in any national guidelines for physical fitness testing.

Sit-ups, a measure of “musculoskeletal fitness,” also don’t fit the criteria for actually measuring that form of muscular fitness properly, the Institute reports.

All I remember is that Middle School Gym Class was fucking terrible. And that, by High School, they stopped caring and let us play Badminton all day.

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Weird News Wednesday

Via The New Zealand Herald:

“The eel was about the size of a decent sprig of asparagus and the incident is the talk of the place,” a hospital source said. “Doctors and nurses have come across people with strange objects that have got stuck where they shouldn’t be before, but an eel has to be a first.”

It is unclear how the eel managed to be trapped inside the man. It is believed medics successfully removed it and the man was later discharged.

This blog is classy.

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This is literally my fourth Gangnam Style post. It’s so damn catchy.

I miss upstate New York.

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