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Women like Fluke are persuaded to emphasise health and negate sex as a primary reason for contraception, and so-called feminists are ramping up the demand for the same by insisting that they don’t fuck and if they do, it would never be wantonly or like “sluts.” Rather than insist that Fluke is not a slut, feminists ought to state, loudly and clearly, that contraception should be provided regardless of a woman’s sex life. The fight for contraception is currently based on arguments about women’s health or, as Fluke delicately puts it, the prevention of pregnancy. It’s time we began acknowledging that women need contraception because they like to fuck. Perhaps if we were more willing to talk about ourselves as sexual beings, right-wing hypocrites would have much less ammunition against us. After all, if a slut is not afraid of openly being one, who can possibly shame her into silence?

Yes.  Also, in argument of control and convenience, choosing NOT to bleed is the greatest invention of the 20th century.

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“I love you more than Whitney Houston loves bathtime

With barbiturates”


I’m too lazy to do this again. Just go to

and replace “Amy Winehouse” with topical dead celebrity.

“What’s the difference between Whitney Houston and Jack Daniels?  Jack comes alive with coke.”

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None of the websites I wanted to steal this image from elucidated as to which one had the coke in his butt and which one died, which kind of upset me.

I’ve been falling off of my Weird New Wednesdays lately and I know it’s Friday, but you can’t not reblog that headline.

Via I Heart Chaos

Officers said Deangelo Mitchell convinced his brother, 20-year-old Wayne Mitchell, to swallow the ounce of cocaine to hide the evidence. He died soon afterward. “It’s sickening,” North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt told WCIV. “I got upset when I saw the thing. I was pretty shocked on it.” Deangelo Mitchell already bonded out of jail on the drug charge, but now police are looking for him again on charges of involuntary manslaughter.

That’s all there is to that story.  Good times in North Carolina.

But what I really want to know is how exactly that transaction occurred, physically speaking.

I’m assuming it was in a bag, he pulled that motherfucker out, and then the brother poured it in powder form into his mouth and swallowed.  But the article is so vague.  But maybe something sick and weird happened like he depantsed, bent over, pushed it out a little, and made his brother rip the bag with his teeth and then suck it out of his anal cavity.  Maybe he just wanted a last rimming before he was arraigned.


In other butt-related news, the original “What What (in the Butt)” producer is attempting to sue Viacom/Comedy Central for infringement in their 2008 airing of the infamous Butter’s parody in South Park.

A district court dismissed the case last year before summary judgment had even begun, and Brownmark Films responded by  filing a motion to appeal with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  In an amicus brief filed Monday, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) backed Viamon arguing that South Park’s re-imagining of the work is a clear case of Fair Use and First Amendment rights.

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Andrew Sullivan over at The Daily Dish endorses Ron Paul as the GOP primary candidate.  (Keep in mind that this is simply the GOP primary endorsement, not the presidential race endorsement.  Sully, a tempered libertarian, has been vocally more satisfied with Obama’s performance than even most liberals.)

He would never take $1.8 million from Freddie Mac. He would never disown Reagan, as Romney once did. He would never speak of lynching Bernanke, as Perry threatened. When he answers a question, you can see that he is genuinely listening to it and responding – rather than searching, Bachmann-like, for the one-liner to rouse the base. He is, in other words, a decent fellow, and that’s an adjective I don’t use lightly. We need more decency among Republicans.

He ends the post with a bit of a random note, probably in reference to Fox’s less than stellar coverage of Ron Paul as a viable candidate.

Oh, and fuck you, Roger Ailes.

If you’re not familiar with the President of Fox News who is almost too evil to be real, check out the excellent “How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory,” which is essentially everything you need to know about the guy even Rupert Murdoch fears.

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Thanks to depression killing whatever creative impetus I had to create, over the last month my blog has basically devolved into re-blogs of stuff I’ve been looking at/reading.



“His candidacy is ‘froth’ with disappointment and failure,” says a commenter at Joe.My.God.

3. A writer of Family Guy blogs about his arrest at Occupy LA.

4. Louis CK produced a show and sold it for $5 on his website for either streaming or a direct download as yours to keep and share and watch forever. Bless his asshole-laced-with-populism heart, he admits in a statement on his site he made less money than he would have by doing a third party production/distribution, but wanted to prove that not everyone would pirate it. The liberal media responds with accolades.

I paid for the show; it wasn’t quite Shameless (2007) or Chewed Up (2008) quality, but definitely on par or slightly funnier than Hilarious (2010)

5. Yanno BuzzFeed. The host site of That Funny Meme you saw on Facebook? Ben Smith of Politico has just been hired by them as CEO to write and hire reporters who will also write original political content. NYTimes reports this a sign of further integration of the social media and the news.

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We’ve all seen the now most disliked video on youtube. (Take that Beiber and Black.)

And spawner of many memes.

The Villiage Voice points out more irony incarnate:

A Harvard music major noticed the the connection and sent the author of the Political Review post an email saying, “Just realized this: the music in Rick Perry’s new anti-gay ad is by Aaron Copland, a famous 20th Century American composer…who was an outspoken gay Jew.” Copland also supported the Communist Party.

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Occupy Des Moines mic checks NJ-(R) Governor Chris Christie.

“Put People First!”

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