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Well, shit titties. Money quote: “This will certainly be one of his most famous opinions, but I would not call it one of his best. The opinion seems to me to be hopelessly conflicted and inconsistent.”


When many of us were covering the decision from the Supreme Court, one thing that was immediately noted was the the decision of Associate Justice Anton Scalia read like a majority opinion. The opinion not only referred to “the dissent” as if it were the majority opinion (though sometimes justices even in dissent can refer to other dissents). Reports are now indicating that Chief Justice John Roberts initially sided with the Supreme Court’s four conservative justices to strike down the Affordable Care Act. The report is a serious breach in the normally secretive court in its internal deliberations and contains considerable detail showing a hard effort by the Court’s swing justice Anthony Kennedy to convince Kennedy to return to the fold. The report is likely to increase the feeling of betrayal by those who felt that opinion harmed federalism by reaffirming the taxing power as an easy avenue to circumvent…

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“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was an article that ran in the Wall Street Journal on January 8, 2011. The author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua describes her efforts to give her children what she describes as a traditional, strict “Chinese” upbringing. Chua later tried to pass it off as a self-deprecating memoir, but if you read it, it is anything but self-deprecating; its tone is even proud of her abusive tendencies.

At one point in the essay, Amy Chua says when her own dad called her “‘garbage”… “it didn’t damage my self-esteem or anything like that.” Well good for you, Amy Chua. He just made you a shitty mother instead. Have fun raising kids that make above-average wages but never get promoted because they’re too deferential to authority to get out of middle management.

I know about Asian culture and how it permeates parenting styles all too well.

My dad is a largely stereotypical Chinese first-generation immigrant. He doesn’t think so because he can pronounce “r”s correctly, but he is very Chinese. He’s a mechanical engineer that studied hard and earned good enough grades to get a grant to study in the US. He has terrible eyesight, which I unfortunately inherited. He believes in Feng Shui and buys a lot of traditional herbal products. He eats mostly Chinese food. He believes in the value of hard work. He married a hick from Mississippi so he could get a green card. And he is also really really sexist.

I bumped the garage door with the sideview mirror? It’s because I’m a woman. I’m only in the 75th percentile for SAT math scores? It’s because I’m a woman. Why am I talking? I shouldn’t, because I’m a woman. Go study. His biggest disappointment was when I decided to go to a liberal arts school.

Wesley Yang summarizes it nicely in “Asian like Me”:

Let me summarize my feelings toward Asian values: Fuck filial piety. Fuck grade-grubbing. Fuck Ivy League mania. Fuck deference to authority. Fuck humility and hard work. Fuck harmonious relations. Fuck sacrificing for the future. Fuck earnest, striving middle-class servility.

“You’re getting fat.”

I thought my dad was just an asshole until I went to Taiwan and all my female relatives made similar comments. I was 16.

I was the same size then that I am now. I’m 5’3” and 110 pounds, which makes my BMI 19.5. For reference, normal BMI goes up to 24.5 and underweight BMI is considered 18.5. The relatives also made fun of my skin tone, which is a light tan that American girls would get cancer for. (Culture over there says tanned skin means you’re a laborer.)

It’s not just my family or Chinese families. A survey of Japanese schoolgirls found that “85% who were a normal weight wanted to be thinner and 45% who were 10–20% underweight wanted to be thinner.”

You know what’s an environmental risk factor identified by psychologists for anorexia nervosa? Controlling parents.

Sorry, Asian people. I’m sorry I’m too tan and fat for your standards. I guess I’ll limit my calorie intake to white rice while I stay inside and study all day. Then maybe one day my cup-size will be an A rather than a C.

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jeeves take me to cave man times.

I’m going to see MC Chris at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on July 16. I hope he shows up in this.

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Have non-political post for Friday.

I listen to a fair amount of indie and post-hardcore, but I do like a good remixed pop song at a club or party. The age of youtube has spawned so many remixes, it’s hard to find groups that are consistently good. Here’s 3 of them that I really enjoy and want to share.


I just discovered these guys (guy? gal?) while trying to find melodic Skrillex remixes that don’t completely ruin the dance vibe with washing machine noises. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Looking at their Youtube and Soundcloud uploads, I see that they’re not quite as big as the other two groups I’m going to talk about, so I felt the need to list them first. Also highly recommend the Michael Jackson/Skrillex and the Kanye/Jay-Z/random dub on their Soundcloud.

DJs from Mars

Nirvana + Timbaland? Really, it works surprisingly well.

They have more of a rock spin than most mash-ups groups I’ve heard.  They do more traditional House mash-ups too like David Guetta vs. Avicii – Where Them Levels At.

On a sidenote, I think New Yorkers should keep their eyes on Rock the Rock NYC, because I can’t name any other NYC festivals for specifically rock/electronica.

The White Panda

I saw them live at Bamboozle this summer and they were the best thing there. Like this, complete with panda masks:

Every major pop song they touch turns to gold. Listen to their top 10 streaming on their website. My favorite track is “Stereo Hands” (remember 720 HD).  Their album “Pandamonium” has 40 tracks less than 2 minutes each, transitioned together, perfect for a party.

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Funny Or Die ‏@funnyordie

“Obama care.” -The Hulk giving an impassioned speech at an Obama fundraising dinner he hosted

rob delaney ‏@robdelaney

@MittRomney probably mexican robots entered kagan & sotomayor’s vaginas & poisoned roberts’ mind w period gas? no more wimmen on court!

Andy Levy ‏@andylevy

“In the end it turns out it was a tax all along!” – M. Night Shyamalan, pitching his new movie, “Obamascare”

Indecision ‏@indecision

Mitt Romney’s speech doubles as the speech he’d deliver if we were attacked by aliens under his presidency.

ピカお嬢様 ‏@Pikaoh

#obamacare is worse than 9/11… at least that was planned by an american president

People Who Say They’re Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare -Buzzfeed

Sarah Palin writes a poem for the occasion.

The Supreme Court sprinkler system, which freedom-peed all over reporters covering the ruling.

Hey Girl Affordable Care Act Tumblr

Will update with more as they keep coming in. Comment below if you have any!

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OK, I was wrong. Chief Justice Roberts swung to the left and Kennedy did not. Amazing. I’ll have to scrutinize Roberts’s voting record more closely before passing him off as ideologically pure. Here’s the full ruling if you have a lot of free time. He actually upheld the mandate under the federal government’s Tax Power and not the Commerce Clause, while Ginsberg would have upheld it under both. Interesting, certainly a blow to conservatives.

Being uninsured myself, I have mixed opinions about the 2014 individual mandate, but what is known from models like Mass. is that it will reduce overall health care spending and create more competitive private insurance plans.

For a while this morning, Cable News was reporting that the mandate was struck down before they got “conflicting information.”

This is what happens when they don’t let in cameras.

What the Medicaid part of the ruling means according to SCOTUSblog:

The Court’s decision on the constitutionality of the Medicaid expansion is divided and complicated. The bottom line is that: (1) Congress acted constitutionally in offering states funds to expand coverage to millions of new individuals; (2) So states can agree to expand coverage in exchange for those new funds; (3) If the state accepts the expansion funds, it must obey by the new rules and expand coverage; (4) but a state can refuse to participate in the expansion without losing all of its Medicaid funds; instead the state will have the option of continue the its current, unexpanded plan as is.

Senator Harry Reid ‏@SenatorReid

Now that this matter is settled, I hope we can work together to create jobs and secure this country’s economic future

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Weird New Wednesday


Rudy Eugene, 31, was killed by a police officer after Eugene’s 18-minute attack on a homeless man. His body didn’t show “any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs,” according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department.

“The department has also sought the assistance of an outside forensic toxicology reference laboratory, which has confirmed the absence of ‘bath salts,’ synthetic marijuana and LSD,” the statement said.

The media talked about bath salts with such authority I thought there was evidence or something. Mainstream media fail.

Oh god, Time Magazine is now calling him the “Cannabis Cannibal.”  I’m guessing schizophrenia on this one, maybe made worse by the pot. One of the really rare cases that make you violent.

What’s more bizarre to me is, how did the homeless guy let someone gnaw on his face for so long? They released pictures of the victim and the damage is pretty intense. Even if you’re really, drunk adrenaline should kick in and make your life-or-death mechanism kick in.

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