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Day late, sorry.  Was working late.


Robot learns to flip pancakes

The robot seal that has been approved by the FDA as a medical device.

Old Spice Guy is gonna be in a movie.  Hawt.

The Devil made me do it!

The Left will love the wikileaks guy until he goes too far

Propaganda posters for retro video games.

Japan does it again!  Be afraid.

Have some happy autotuned Double Rainbow singalong.

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No, this isn’t going to be a regular weekly segment. Can’t beat the original.  A modified version of this article is republished on Cracked.

I know. I know what you’re thinking: How could this shiny, wimpy-ass, freshwater fish possibly be a badass?  Why didn’t it stay in the Ganges River where it belonged?

Let me ask you a question:  If I pulled out a 9 inch butcher knife and chopped off your fingers gangster-style could you grow them back?

If I chopped off a fin on this fish, it would grow it back.  Why?  Because it’s a badass.  The Zebrafish is the Weapon-X Wolverine of fish.

Not only can they regress their cells into a stem-cell like form and regrow missing body parts, but we have genetically modified them so much, some can now glow in flourescent light.  Real badasses glow in flourescent light.   Haven’t you learned anything from Jersey Shore?

In January 2007, Chinese researchers at Fudan University genetically modified Zebrafish to detect estrogen pollution in lakes and rivers, which is linked to male infertility.  They may save our own children and look innocent, but beware, given the opportunity, these motherfuckers will eat their own hatchlings.

The Zebrafish (D. rerio) has allowed scientific study and advances in the fields of developmental biology, oncology, toxicology, reproductive studies, teratology, genetics, neurobiology, environmental sciences, stem cell and regenerative medicine, and evolutionary theory.   Because Zebrafish can do anything.  I’m pretty sure with the right training we can teach them Kung Fu and to kill on demand.  They’ve even worked for NASA and been to space.

So next time you’re in the pet store and can only afford a badass fish, think Zebrafish.

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That’s a lie.  I don’t have a dick upon which to suck.  And I actually like all of those except for BP and that time Facebook violated privacy and intellectual property rights (they’re better now).

What I’ve learned from blogging and looking at my handy Blog Stats provided by WordPress is that my most popular posts are the ones where I bash popular things.  Makes sense.

Although I am losing faith in the human race when I find I get hits from searches like “tazered twat.”  Really, why would you look on wordpress for pics and vids of tazered twat?  Freaks.

Here’s a video of my favorite stand-up comedian, Louis CK, talking about sucking dick.

Oh, and Lady Gaga.

(Just for fun, I’ll throw the word “boobs” in here too.)

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I made a pretty business card, when I should have been studying .  Maybe I should put my email on it.  I kinda like the minimalist approach though.  It’s visually pleasing.

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I copied and pasted my “My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Writer” post from this blog post to “I Write Like.” It gave me H.P. Lovecraft.  A persuasive essay got me H.P. Lovecraft again.  A paragraph from my creative fiction got me JK Rowling.  A dark post-modern poem got me David Foster Wallace.

DFW ftw!

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PBR is apparently classy in China.

10 Oddly Named Cities.

“Knock Down Trees With Your Jumbo Cock”

A six word poem about true-love.

Naked Cowboy sues Naked Cowgirl

This is my refrigerator.  It is cold because I made it when a woman broke my heart.

Michel Gondry

Guys Love Giraffes who Love Giraffes.


Well, subscribers, I’m going to NYC for the weekend.  See you guys, Monday.

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