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I hate to just keep stealing stuff from The Daily Dish, but it’s so good.

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The idea of “I get depressed and like to sit around on the couch and eat, so I have this thing called seasonal affective disorder.” No, it’s called winter, okay asshole? And we all get it, and that’s why we invented hockey and football. Okay? So you could sit on the couch and eat Cheetos for four months, or you can go outside.

-Denis Leary

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Interesting.  Basically what he’s saying is that intellectuals–those who rocked the Critical Reading portion of the SATs but not necessarily Math–are arrogant fucks who believe that they deserve income proportional to their intellectual value.  At a young age they are conditioned by their school enviornment to accept a certain standard of psychosocial norms that do not mimic the rewards system of the real world.

From a skeptic of both extremes of anarchocapitalism and a centrally planned economy, I have to say that the author’s argument is extremely intellectually specious.

Yes, we are arrogant fucks.  But I’ve also always found a certain kind of arrogance in using the pronoun “we” in formal writing, as if the author assumes that the reader agrees.

I think the writer forgot that intellectuals have a tendency to hate capitalism because it’s a cannibalistic system which has a tendency to bring out the gaping orifices in personal moral values.

Let’s watch the monkey dance:

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“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”  Literally.

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