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Damn having a social life.  Fun Link Friday is kinda dying. 🙁  Maybe I should just make it Fun Link Sunday.  I will miss the alliteration, though.

Best jobs in America.

Urban gymnastics.

I love hidden images.

I don’t remember that part of Red/Blue.  I guess I was too much of a dick, bathing in rare candy and hyper potions, as I rode my majestic Gyardos.

My latest edition to my blog surfer.  I will now read some David Foster Wallace, while sipping tea with my pinky out.

Oh, higher education:

This is what happens when pelvic thrusting meets saxophones:

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I smoked a bowl and was thinking about our health care system.

I think the key to making government-insured health care work is through a transition by consumer demand.   McCain was right about moving health care benefits away from employer-sponsored plans:  give tax breaks/credits to those that do move away from employment based insurance.  BUT:  this will then raise premiums for people with pre-existing conditions or ill health that are dependent on current plans.

To compensate for this, the government  should create a baseline guide for insurance encompassing premiums/deductibles/co-pays.  Those with shitty primary plans that fail to meet the all of the criteria, will qualify for a cheap, single-payer co-pay assistance plan as secondary insurance insurance.  Those that have this co-pay assistance will, after one year, qualify for a premium deduction for a Medicare buy-in.

It will keep primary, private insurance costs in check, and fix the problem of people feeling like they don’t have a choice.

The main problem with this plan, as always, is funding… I need to buy another eighth and read about the economics of health care.

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Glacéau, makers of Vitamin Water, is a privately owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Company and 10% is owned by 50 cent.

What are the two main ingredients?

1.  Filtered Water.  “Reverse Osmosis Water”

Reverse osmosis is a process through which external pressure is used to drive water through a semipermeable membrane, leaving behind dissolved minerals or other “impurities.”  This is opposed to normal osmosis where there’s a pressure gradient caused by differing concentrations of dissolved materials on either side of a membrane.

Long story short:  You apply pressure to water that pushes it through a filter.

There is nothing special about water purified by reverse osmosis.  You could equally well purify water with a distillation column.

2.  Sugar.  “Crystalline Fructose.” Oh wait, shit, I lied, it’s not sugar.   Sugar has glucose and fructose.

Crystalline fructose is a processed sweetener derived from corn that is almost entirely (98%) fructose. It is used as a sweetener in the likes of beverages and yogurts, where it substitutes for high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and table sugar. Crystalline fructose is estimated to be about 20 percent sweeter than table sugar, and 5% sweeter than HFCS.   HFCS has been classified as “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA despite being found to cause obesity moreso than sucrose, but crsytalline fructose has not undergone the same scrutiny.

That’s right, condescend that stupid MILF and her lack of knowledge about the health consequences of cheap sweeteners.

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Boobs jiggle in a figure 8 motion.  Who knew.

Okcupid does an in depth photo analysis.  Learn how to look hot.

And for those of you that actually are ugly:

Disclaimer:  these are not actually happy couples.  They are random people from google images

Fuck Finland.

Hunger strike?  Really?  Because being malnourished really helps you get a job.  Are you trying to make employers think you’re a loon?

Most of these I’ve seen. Some I haven’t:

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From TMOPMO by Raizin from Olde English.


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On a sidenote:  Dear GIMP, I know you’re open-source which is sick, and you probably can do 90% of what Photoshop can, but you are just SO not user friendly.  Why do I need separate tools just to resize my selection?   I miss the simplicity of right-clicking.  And all this floating layer shit when I copy and paste and trying to figure out how to turn it off is annoying.  I need to pirate me some CS for Mac.

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