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Quebec’s Crack Down on Student Protestors’ Civil Liberties

Arcade Fire on SNL last week wearing red student solidarity patches.

Here’s some Orwellian bullshit from our northern neighbors.

 The NYT reports:

On May 18, Quebec’s legislative assembly, under the authority of the provincial premier, Jean Charest, passed a draconian law in a move to break the 15-week-long student strike.Bill 78, adopted last week, is an attack on Quebecers’ freedom of speech, association and assembly. Mr. Charest has refused to use the traditional means of mediation in a representative democracy, leading to even more polarization. His administration, one of the most right-wing governments Quebec has had in 40 years, now wants to shut down opposition.

The bill threatens to impose steep fines of 25,000 to 125,000 Canadian dollars against student associations and unions — which derive their financing from tuition fees — in a direct move to break the movement. For example, student associations will be found guilty if they do not stop their members from protesting within university and college grounds.

The bill is deliberately vaguely-worded and the article reports that use of force among the police has increased since its passage.  The recent protests in Canada fall in line with the trend of indicators of a global problem in education and tuition inflation.

Hat-tip for the link goes to a Canadian Clantily Scad reader.