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It’s graphic-ful week here at Clantily Scad. I’ll do some writing soon. Promise.

So over at the Ze Frank message boards someone named Hedonism Bot offered to draw us sportsracers.

It took some time with the high volume, but she finally got to me. I think she did a good job!  I like the style. Go check out the thread.

I will add this to the list of people that have drawn me.

Drawing from a girl named Maireni a few years ago (It’s NOT my birthday, btw. Just here for reference):

And I’ll never be short of avatar pics.

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I normally reserve this type of stuff for my tumblr, but I’ll make an exception for Ze because he’s awesome.  Also bandcamp has a specific embed code for wordpress and that’s also awesome.

“Today can go fuck a diseased donkey.”  Take that, day.

Best song for a bad day since Ze Franks social following remixed Whip Somebody’s Ass.

He also has a book based on his Young Me, Now Me project that’s available for pre-order on Amazon.  And dear boyfriend, if you’re reading this, it is on my amazon wishlist and will come out shortly before my birthday.

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Interesting.  Basically what he’s saying is that intellectuals–those who rocked the Critical Reading portion of the SATs but not necessarily Math–are arrogant fucks who believe that they deserve income proportional to their intellectual value.  At a young age they are conditioned by their school enviornment to accept a certain standard of psychosocial norms that do not mimic the rewards system of the real world.

From a skeptic of both extremes of anarchocapitalism and a centrally planned economy, I have to say that the author’s argument is extremely intellectually specious.

Yes, we are arrogant fucks.  But I’ve also always found a certain kind of arrogance in using the pronoun “we” in formal writing, as if the author assumes that the reader agrees.

I think the writer forgot that intellectuals have a tendency to hate capitalism because it’s a cannibalistic system which has a tendency to bring out the gaping orifices in personal moral values.

Let’s watch the monkey dance:

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