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Ze Frank Contemplates Consciousness

If you were socially aware on the Internet in 2006, and frequented Fark or Reddit, then you, at the very least, have heard of  Ze Frank.  Yanno, the guy who did a webshow, The Show, every weekday for an entire year.  He talked about Bush a lot, made the Whip Somebody’s Ass song famous, and created a form of community-following that didn’t really exist before the Internet.

ZeFrank fell off the face of the planet for the last couple years, doing projects like which weren’t bad ideas, but not good enough to reclaim former glory. (Watching Internet celebrities try to make a comeback and fail fills me with existential dread.)

So when he announced that he was coming back with A Show, similar to The Show, I was super excited.  Alas, his attitude was old and tired. Nearly 20 videos later, I’m still not fully engaged.

But finally, he came out with one that got my attention.  Here Ze uses his nueroscience degree from Brown University* and talks some intellectual mind-fuckery about the nature of being and consciousness.

The red book on the shelf behind him is “Free Will” by Sam Harris.