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WTF Wednesday – Goat Man Frolicking Through Utah

Goat Man Frolicking Through the Utah Wilderness Identified As a Hunter

Weird News Wednesday via Time:

At first, officials were baffled– and worried. They were concerned goat man could be in danger once hunting season starts.

But after the story made headlines out of its sheer oddity, state wildlife officials say they’ve identified the man in the bizarre suit. He’s a 57-year-old hunter from Southern California, according to Phil Douglass, conservation outreach manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, told Utah newspaper The Standard-Examiner on Monday. Douglass fielded a phone call from the man but didn’t ask his name. “He gave me details that convinced me it was him,” Douglass said.

Flagrant Bagel, my partner-in-crime, comments, “He’s apparently the most meticulous hunter ever. But I think its a crazy sex thing.”