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World Nomads/Rough Guides Scholarship Update

A couple days ago, I posted about how I might go to Southeast Asia to write for a travel guide as the winner of a writing competition…

Second Place

Snake Blood by Candice Hall

Judges Comments: This entry really stands out due to the narrator’s great descriptive ability and strong eye for detail. It draws you into the sights and smells of the street market and manages to be shocking and unusual while not overly indulgent or grotesque. The judges particularly liked its depiction of a genuine travel experience seen very much through the prism of tourist’s eyes, which is both surprising and satisfying.


So I’m not going to Singapore, Malaysia, nor Indonesia, which I’m a little more bummed out about than I anticipated.  (After I got a call I was in the the top 3, I spent a lot of time fervently researching international phone plans and luggage.  And reading about volcano hiking and surf lessons.)  I also honestly thought my piece was the most intriguing of the entries, but I also have zero “real” traveling experience or pictures.  That’s probably where the winner had an edge.

C’est la vie.  It’s still an ego boost for the wanna-be freelance writer.  I have a few half-written pitches for in a word document somewhere.  I might just go right now and finish them.