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Weird News Wednesday: Guy Orders Size 14.5 but Gets Size 1,450 Giant Slipper

The 27-year-old takes a size 13 right shoe size while his left is slightly bigger and measures 14-and-a-half. But when he ordered his custom-fit slipper, manufacturers in China misread size 14.5 and accidently made one that’s a whopping 7ft long – size 1,450, or XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL. A company spokesman for Monster Slippers said sorry to Tom, from Ilford, East London, and explained the mistake occurred because of a “translation error”. –from Mirror UK

That story was everything I wanted it to be.

To buy the Monster Claw Slippers in not size 1,450 here’s the page at Monster Slippers UK.


Side note – I feel like I’m reaching a level of blog popularity where I’m actually concerned newspapers are going to complain for me re-posting their images.  I realize I haven’t offered enough commentary and criticism to make my re-use of images have clear standing under “fair use” copyright law. So let me be clear…

Commentary:  That’s a big fucking slipper.

Criticism:  You need to trim your monster’s toenails, sir.  Or at least file them.  They are excessively long and pointy.