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Weird News Wednesday: Deer in Taco Store and Beyonce’s Baby Gift

This is a Deer in a Taco Store.

There’s a chain of taco restaurants in Georgia called Taco Mac. In Atlanta, a deer smashed through the glass window of one of these fine establishments, lost an antler, ran around panicked for a about a minute, and then ran out the back door that an employee opened for it.

Complete story at HuffPo.

I have no sympathy for this deer’s lost antler. Deer are assholes; they’re just “rats with hooves.” Except they’re 200 pounds and will kill you if they ram into the driver side door of your sedan. Which they do, because they have no concept of man-made objects that move. And apparently, no concept of glass, either.

If you missed the deer attacking the guy on a bike viral video from last month, here’s irrefutable proof that deer are assholes.

Since I always need to hate on two things in WNW, the second thing I would like to hate this evening is rich people. Because they bathe their babies in $5,200 pink, Swarvoski crystal-encrusted bathtubs. 44,928 crystals that were laid by hand. (Though I guess if any celebrity baby is going to be blinging, it might as well be Beyonce and Jay-Z’s.)

If you ever want to make yourself suck by looking at opulent manifestations of capitalism, go to the product’s site and look at the thumbnails under the main picture. In addition to bathing babies, other suggestions for use of the 5 Grand “Diamond Bathtub” (misleading name since it’s crystal, not diamond) include storing puppies and serving alcohol.

Apparently, “a percentage of the proceeds” will be donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation, but they don’t say what percent. Whatever it is, the benefit to puppies in need of a crystal bathtub beds will certainly mitigate the guilt of spending a potential $5,200 direct contribution to charity on a baby that isn’t capable of forming memories yet.