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I realized I completely passed over WTF Wednesday. I think I browsed over some weird news but didn’t find much worth posting. The news has been boring lately; everyone already knows Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are terrible people.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of reading, “Every Love Story is a Ghost Story, A Life of David Foster Wallace” by D.T. Max. It’s mostly like reading every biographical piece on Wallace already written, except in a simple consistent style. I’m not all that impressed by it.

Another reviewer on Amazon nailed it.

Soren Safrano:

The most annoying bit is its Ellmann approach to biographies, i.e., the mining of an author’s fiction and connecting its details (often forcefully) to the author’s life. Which Wallace cautions us against in his review of a Borges biography. Good approach or not, it’s sad to see something Wallace convincingly argued against applied to him (99% of the Shakespeare authorship controversy come from readers who think the Plays are autobiographical). Indeed, as a Wallace reader, it’s difficult to suppress the sense that this book is reductive. And doubtless, Wallace would have thought so too.

Note to self: Read more Borges. And then read Wallace’s review of the biography of Borges.

Webcomic to make up for the one I missed.

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Webcomic Wednesday, 45 minutes late for me. But still on time on the West Coast.

I work in a pharmacy.

I got my flu shot today. My arm is a little sore. My boss thought it was awesome that I didn’t wince and fist bumped me after it was done.

Some people claim they get sick after the shot, but these people are crazy and don’t understand how inactivated viruses work. Science is pretty.

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WTF Wednesday – Webcomic Wednesday

In honor of me getting  job with benefits, and full-time hours, and an hour commute on public transportation…

Via Natalie Dee:


On a sidenote: Google Chrome gave me a message that my site links to content from a site that distributes malware. That’s not cool. I deleted the image I hotlinked, so the problem should be fixed, but if you ever get that sort of message from your browser or antivirus, shoot me a comment with what exactly it says, so I can delete whatever is causing the problems.

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[edit: Had to throw in this Weird News Wednesday:

Answer: Sure looks like it. ]

Webcomic Wednesday


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

(Personally, I would think that this is the most sincere apology ever.)

“That awkward moment when you’re reminded that flowers are plant genitals.”

Also, not a usual segment here, but…

Puppy of the Day

Domo domo!

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I normally don’t do a Weird News AND a Webcomic for WTF Wednesday.  But I gotta give a shout-out to lesser-known-but-almost-there comic book artist Michael Kupperman.

I saw him at a comedy show last night at the Littlefield and then came home and watched the pilot for Snake N Bacon.

I’m not sure why Cartoon Network didn’t pick it up; it’s like Robot Chicken but funnier. Bacon: “Wrap your dog’s pills in me.” RABID DISTRICT ATTORNEY Judge: “Stop that! You’re frothing on my  gavel.”

Follow Michael Kupperman’s blog right here on WordPress.

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