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Jonathan Banks, better known as Mike the Hitman from Breaking Bad, plays an awkward teenage boy in this sometimes creepy and sometimes sexist period PSA from almost 40 years ago.

^screenshot creepy doctor, not Mike.

“I got my first period today.”

“So what’s the big deal?”

“It means that blood is flowing out of my uterus!”

“Oh.” Mike looks confused and disgusted.

Later, when swimming plans go awry do to a thunderstorm, Johnny (Mike) asks his girlfriend with all earnestness (10:16), “Do you think your period could be causing the rain?”

Hilarious video. Ah, high school in the 70s. Ah, Mike from Breaking Bad.

Fun fact:  Aaron Paul, otherwise known as Jesse Pinkman, was cast as that rebellious punk kid in 90s cereal commercials.

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“Knock knock?” “Who’s there?” “Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions.” “Unlimited union and corporate campaign contributions who?” “That’s the thing, I don’t think I should have to tell you.”

Link below for Colbert’s first SuperPAC video.

(I like WordPress’s recent adoption of the Tumblr reblog function.)

Really. Those of you who are going to the Iowa straw poll in Ames, Iowa, I encourage this. Vote Rick Parry. With an A. For America. … Read More

via Introspection

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