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Via The Daily Mail UK:

A Bradford housewife has claimed she spent five years as a child being raised by monkeys in the Colombian jungle.

Marina Chapman said she was kidnapped for ransom in the 1950s when she was just five years old and abandoned in the jungle, with her captors believed to have botched the abduction.

For five years, she lived a Tarzan-style existence with a colony of Capuchin monkeys.

She’s currently writing a book.

All she needs to do is add a part being born from royalty and bam–Disney film screenwriter.

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WTF Wednesday – Weird News Wednesday

A Bowl of Ambergris or: Whale Excrement

According to NBC:

Charlie Naysmith stumbled upon the loaf-sized lump at Hengistbury Head, on the southern coast of England, the Bournemouth Echo reported over the weekend.

As far as Charlie was concerned, it was just a seaside curiosity. But after doing some research, he and his family determined that the curious lump could be worth somewhere between £10,000 and £40,000 ($15,850 to $63,350).

“We have discovered it is quite rare and are waiting for some more information from marine biology experts,” the boy’s father, Alex, told the Echo.

Dude, I want a pet whale, so I can harvest its excrement for money.

According to the wikipedia page for the substance called amebergris, which can come out of either end of the whale, Moby Dick had an entire chapter dedicated to the stuff. Remind me to never read Moby Dick. Or stand in front of a whale anus.

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I normally don’t do posts where it’s only a link to a news article.

But this is the best title for a news article ever:

Also, I really wanted to use the tags “Chef Ramsey” “dwarf porn” and “badgers” all the in the same post.

Badgers badgers badgers Badgers badgers badgers

They don’t know yet how the dwarf managed partially eaten in a badger den, but they are not ruling out suicide. Either that, or the badgers are planning a hostile takeover of the porn industry.

Badgers are Wisconsin’s state animal and generally weigh between 15-25 pounds. They can be aggressive, but normally only when provoked or threatened.

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