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Toronto Mayor’s Lawyer Says Crack Expert Needed

Mug shot of Rob Ford taken by the Miami-Dade Police Department in Florida upon Ford’s arrest for drunk driving (DUI) and marijuana possession charges in 1999.

If you’re not up to date on Canadian political scandals, here’s The Daily Show clip from last Tuesday and an explanation of Canada’s longstanding tradition of sucking dick for crack.

Man, all New York has is a guy named Weiner who was sexting semi-erect penis pics. We should be ashamed at the caliber of our scandals.

Via Guardian News:

“We’re just trying to see whether or not such a video exists and whether or not any video has been doctored or altered,” Dennis Morris told the Toronto Sun. “I think unless one has expertise in crack cocaine smoking it is very difficult to gauge what a person is actually doing in an alleged video.”

For some reason, probably because I wouldn’t be surprised if the government did get a crack expert to testify against him, that quote reminds me of this old campaign video.