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Weird News Wednesday

I posted last August, “Naked in New York City,” about the model in Time’s Square that was arrested during a completely legal, nude but bodypainted photoshoot.  Her name is Zoe West and today…

Nude Artist’s Model Zoe West Files Suit Against New York City For Violating Civil Rights (VIDEO)

Meh, I think it’s a frivolous suit for attention. The cops should be disciplined for being negligent about artist laws, but she was only in custody for a couple hours and released with no charges. This reminds me of the time that Mitt Romney threatened to sue for “false arrest” when he was taken in for presumably being a dick when confronted about expired boat tags.


Meanwhile, have you guys been following the drama over The Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk? Start here, if you’re not familiar with the $20K that FJ wants for slander or something like that (The Oatmeal bitched abut FJ stealing his comics) and then work your back back to this headline:

The Oatmeal v. FunnyJunk, Part IV: Charles Carreon Sues Everybody

Background: the previous entries in our coverage of Charles Carreon’s bizarre and contemptible behavior on behalf of his client, FunnyJunk, against The Oatmeal can be found here at Part I, Part II, and Part III….

[FunnyJunk’s lawyer] transcended typical internet infamy when he filed a federal lawsuit last Friday in the United Sates District Court for the Northern District of California in Oakland. He belonged to the ages the moment he filed that lawsuit not only against Matthew Inman, proprietor of The Oatmeal, but also against IndieGoGo Inc., the company that hosted Inman’s ridiculously effective fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society.

But that level of censorious litigiousness was not enough for Charles Carreon. He sought something more. And so, on that same Friday, Charles Carreon also sued the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society, the beneficiaries of Matthew Inman’s fundraiser.

FunnyJunk is now trying to spin something that sounds like Charles Carreon isn’t their lawyer? Whatever. FunnyJunk is made of lies and Charles Carreon is made of crazy. Who sues the American Cancer Society?

In all jurisdictions, if the case truly lacks legal merit, the judge can fine, censure, or even disbar the attorney who brings the case. California needs to fine and censure this guy. Seriously.

Last one:

Octopus Hitches Ride On Dolphin’s Genitals

Nature is beautiful.

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Admittedly, some people chose to stand their grounds as the NYPD repeatedly told them to back off, but those who wanted to move really couldn’t. There was no space to get away. And these horses were pushed into the crowd… I didn’t understand and continue to not understand what the NYPD was trying to do.

-Ryan Devereaux, Reporter for Democracy Now!

Times Square on October 15.  Some serious footage.


#1. Police Horses are still a thing?

#2. Police Horses should not be a thing. Poor horse (1:30).

#3. That is definately some unnecessary shoving of heads between 2:00-2:16.

#4. The police brutality seems to always be by the white shirt cops. Apparently, you get promoted in the NYPD by being a violent dick.

#5. Whatever happened to Tony Bologna? Mr. Pepper-spray-o-matic? Still under investigation, according to the Manhattan DA.

Consumer-created media is public accountability.  Use it.

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Example of Andy Golub’s work by asterix611

Today a model was arrested in Time’s Square while being painted by artist Andy Golub.  Pics of the painted naked lady in handcuffs at NY Daily News.  Her lawyer commented,

New York State Law prohibits public nudity, except if it’s part of a play, performance, exhibition or show… This particular sergeant who arrested Ms. West didn’t get the memo – or simply didn’t care.”

I googled up “new york city nudity laws” and discovered the lawyer’s comments echoed in N.Y. Pen. Law §§245.01, 245.02, in which exemptions from the ban on public nudity  “apply to . . . any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, show, or entertainment.”

This law was upheld in a 1999 court case, Spencer Tunick v. Howard Safir City of New York.

Also, due to a 1992 Court of Appeals ruling (People v. Santorelli, et al) women may be topless anywhere in NYS that permits topless men, including city streets, etc.  Good information to know.

Have some more public nudity in Times Square:

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