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The Vault of Adolescence

I went to the library today but they closed at 5 PM because my township is cheap.  So I went to the County College but they figured out I wasn’t a student anymore and closed my wifi account.

I had an hour to kill so I spent the time organizing some old files transferred from my desktop.  In this time, I found some old nostalgia-inducing pictures that I made when I was a teenager, and some are actually pretty well Photoshopped.  I probably knew Photoshop better then than I do now.

Tom from Myspace as God.  I actually had a myspace group, The Cult of Tom, which myspace shut down without informing me.

Anus pick.

This was the banner I made for my first online journal, which was a Xanga.  In the middle is Bondage Squirrel. My handle was BarbequeLighter, so it’s holding a barbequelighter.

These are all going into a folder tilted “The Vault of Adolescence.”