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Today was a good day.  It wasn’t one of those “oh, nothing bad happened” or “holy shit, I won the lotto and got married” kind of days.  It was just one of those days where a bunch of little nice things added up to sunshine and happy.

Apparently, Obama gave a speech last night.  This is what he said:

 I like to cave. But this time I’m not caving. I tried to cave a little, but they wanted me to cave a lot. Economy go boom. America sad.

I actually didn’t watch it.  But apparently Obama’s call for people to call Boehner and tell him he’s a boner worked.  Click here to e-mail Boehner and tell him he’s a boner.

Anyway, back to the good times!

I won $5 at the last flash fiction contest at Boxing With Pencils.  I got a free pair of panties at Victoria’s Secret.  I sampled every tea they have for sampling at Teavanna.  I bought cute shorts with a free belt for only $10.  I helped a lady at the community college register for classes.  I wrote an topic page for about Zebrafish.  Zebrafish are awesome.

You’re also awesome.  Never forget to be awesome.

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One thing I didn’t mention in my 5 unique teas review is that Coca tea can test positive on a cocaine test. :/ Oh well, still tasty.

Read it at:

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