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Since we’re on the gay post theme.

The NYtimes does a great interview with long-time gay rights activist Dan Savage about his It Gets Better project.

One of the criticisms of the project is that it’s too celebrity- and politician-driven. That’s true if you’re paying attention only to the celeb and politician videos, which are a tiny portion of the total. The first videos that poured in were average ordinary people who watched our video. … It can be tremendously powerful for the queer kids in school to know artists like Gaga are on their side. They also need to know you don’t have to be Gaga or one of her dancers to be happy.

Exactly. I think Lady Gaga is excellent at rallying for LGBT rights in the media and at parade parties.  But in terms of leveling with politicians on civil rights terms and relating to average people, Dan Savage is a better spokesperson.

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