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Vector Marketing Scam

My most popular post currently, in terms of per-day page hits, is my old exposé on Vector Marketing:

The Cult of Cutco: How Vector Marketing Mass-Hires Students into Dubious Contract Labor

Vector Marketing caught on and, realizing they could lose a bunch of money on a Google Search, bought a bunch of shitty domain names to bump down all the talk about how everyone hates Vector Marketing.

They even bought with links to… personal testimonies! *gasp* Read a real story by a real 18-year-old kid!

I understand SEO, Vector Marketing, I see it.

Anyway, if you are a pissed off former Vector employee, go the original Cult of Cutco article and share it. If you want to blog about Vector also and link me, please copy paste the entire post title or use the phrase “Vector Marketing Scam,” because I think those are the two easiest way to help bump my Google rankings back up.

There are easy share buttons at the bottom of the article too. I think the one that gets the most exposure these days is Reddit.

So, thanks, guys. Rock on spreading the information.

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From: Chloe Stevens
Sent: Sun, July 11, 2010 8:33:05 AM

Goodmorning Seller, I am So Much interested in the immediate purchase of your for sale item, and I will be responsible for the shipment of the item from your location. Shipping company will come for the pickup of the item in your location . The shipment funds will be added to your payment . Once the Bank Check delivered, you deduct the item fees, and the rest funds will be sent to the shipping company agent . The payment for your item will be inform of  Money Order orBank Check . If you are okay with this reliable, acceptable and best method of payment, kindly send your full name , with your contact address information ,I mean the address you will like the Bank Check to deliver to, as well as your cell and home number.I wanna make an offer   Kindly get back to me with the present pictures of the item . I want you to consider the item as sold. I’m only willing to issue a Money Order or Bank Check  to you  next week, because i need to  fix some appliances in my office for few days, But i promise am gonna mail it out to your address on next week, and deliver to you the next 2-3 business days via United State Postal Service(USPS)  If there is no delay from the courier .Kindly delete the ads from the site right now and let me know, because I don’t want any other buyer to get it away from me,I have been searching for this particular item for a long time. Let me have your mailing contact address information for mailing of Bank Check, such as : Name: Contact Address (not pobox): City: State/Zip code: Phone Number: Final asking Price:


To: Chloe Stevens

Dear Chloe,

I am so thankful you have contacted me.  For this Item has been destroying me from the inside.  I normally wouldn’t consider parting ways with it, but the burden has grown so heavy… so heavy.   Given your expressed written need for The Item, I have full confidence that you are the one that can assume responsibility for it and its tremendous powers.

Please send your company’s agent to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at midnight at the next full moon and bring a female virgin goat.   I will provide the ceremonial obsidian knife.  Your agent may or may not make it back alive, and goat will definitely not make it back alive.

I can only hope that you have the strength to be The New Holder of the Item that I believe that you can be.

Jizzy McStiffenpants, Esq. III

Name:  Keeper of the Item Address: One Item Avenue City:  Land of the Item State: New Item Zip code: 66666 phone#:

Final asking price:  Your Soul

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