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Satire, Gay Barbarians, and Banana Man

This heatwave is making me loopy.  I need to stick my sheets in the freezer and then wrap myself in them while sitting on a block of ice.  I can’t tell the difference between satire and reality–Congress Continues Debate Over Whether Or Not Nation Should Be Economically Ruined

Oh, The Onion, your sanity makes me want to cry sweet tears of confusion.

Mark Morford of SFChronicle has some questions about these so very confusing times in our political climate:

I confess I am not much of a historian. Was there ever another time like this? A more bizarrely unstable, hallucinogenic period in American political and social life? Perhaps back when U.S. senators wore powdered wigs and sat on long, hard benches, hurled stiff profanities at one another, spit into buckets, wrote with quills, beat children in public, stared at the moon and thought it was made of candle wax and cheese curdles and then went into the back room to sexually abuse each other with feather dusters and branding irons?

In other news, here are Gay Barbarians protesting Dr. Marcus Bachmann:

Here’s a cool island song about Banana Man: