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Clicking on WordPress’s Site Stats obsessive compulsively? Admit it, there’s something psychologically rewarding about knowing that people are clicking on your blog pages and perhaps even reading them fully. Here are some sites that I’ve pimped my own links on and have gotten results:


If you got here from SU, Thumbs Up!  The only toolbar I ever truly loved. If you’re not familiar with it, the idea behind StumbleUpon is very simple. You thumbs up or thumbs down pages and, using the patterns of what you like and don’t like, it will find similar pages for you.

I once “liked” my own page, added tags to it, and within an hour that page had 500 new hits. The view rate went down after that raging hour, and it didn’t happen to the other page I “liked” and tagged at the same time, but still… something happened there and I continue to get modest hits from StumbleUpon.

Yahoo! Answers

Find questions with a topic on which you have written, answer the question simply, and then cite yourself, noting that there’s more information on the blog page. Yahoo Answers isn’t just limited to searches from Yahoo users; a lot of these pages will come up with specific Google search terms as well.


Given the number of contributors to the social news network reddit, you might think you’ll get overlooked. But if you have a clever, topical, or funny post title, the chances of getting hundreds of hits increases expotentionally.

Your Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, etc.

I wouldn’t recommend posting to your personal social network sites every time you publish, but if there’s something interesting or you’re really proud of that you think some of your friends will like, it can’t hurt. Be careful though if you’re writing something NSFW and are friends with your mom.

General advice to increase page traffic:

Post comments on other similar wordpress posts to your own. But don’t link to yourself solely as a blatant self-promotion, because that would be rude. Add more insight or a different perspective and make it clear you read that author’s post as well.

If you write specifically on a certain topic, it might be worth the effort to join a forum on that topic to find readers with an interest in your content.

Despite a common belief, adding more tags will not inherently increase page traffic. Tags will help search engines properly categorize but will not help the search engines add you to their databases. Pings, however, are a different story. Here is a great short description of pinging.

If I forgot any good sites or tips, feel free to leave a comment!