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A couple people checked my blog last night waiting for some re-tweets. I don’t have much really.

Joe Biden called Paul Ryan a liar in several euphemisms. And that’s exactly what everyone was saying he should do and has done. Rally the base, yadda yadda.

Paul Ryan looked like he wanted to cry. I’ve never seen a grown man cry during a debate.

Here is a hypnotic Joe Biden debate .gif from Tumblr. HypnoBiden.

Bill Maher ‏@billmaher

Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv

I need to go to work. I’ll update later tonight.

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WTF Wednesday – Weird News Wednesday

News regarding Mittens and Co.

1. For counties, the greater the dependence on federal aid, the greater the support for Republican candidates.

2.  “His eyes are just so blue. It’s like looking into a Smurf’s anus.” – Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show 8/13:

3. Mitt Romney campaign rep freaks the fuck out on CNN when questioned about differences between Romney’s and Ryan’s Medicare plans. Tim Pawlenty responds by suggesting the anchor doesn’t speak English.


5.  Reddit: “My name is Rob Zerban. I am the Democratic Congressional challenger to Rep. Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st District.”

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“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” -Joe Biden, 2008

“Maybe he should say it again.” -Reddit, 2012

“Paul Ryan Shirtless.”  Gross Internet.


Bee tee dubs, I just moved a lot of shit across state borders, so I’m going to reserve the right to be lazy this week about posting.

Also I put up ads, so don’t worry, you don’t have spyware, probably. They’re pretty unintrusive and I can take them down at anytime. Selling out feels pretty good.

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“I think a lot of people would observe that we are right now living in an Ayn Rand novel, metaphorically speaking. Ayn Rand, more than anyone else, did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism.” -Paul Ryan, 2009.

“I reject her philosophy,” Ryan says in 2012. “It’s an atheist philosophy. It reduces human interactions down to mere contracts and it is antithetical to my worldview.”

Reddit guy: “Ayn Rand rejected judeo-christian values was because they were waaay to altruistic for her taste. Ryan is trying to have his cake and eat it too by swearing by the bible’s relevance as a moral guide and also subscribing to quasi-Austrian views on economic policy.”


For bragging rights, I called Paul Ryan on Clantily Scad two months ago in:

“Marco Rubio’s Book Comes Out. He Does Not Do Himself Favors.”

I actually originally called Ryan around March or April in a private bet, when I wasn’t feeling the way Marco Rubio was handling the media. As more campaign trail reports came out, I became more confident that the other contenders were either too boring or had too many skeletons to rattle the fundamentalists.

Ryan fits my prediction that Romney’s strategy as the campaign moves forward is going to attack the state of the economy, nitpicking any aberrant number in the economic reports and trying to peg Obama’s name to it. I also think that this strategy is doomed to fail, since even in times of trouble, independent voters are unlikely to sway from the status quo. (I mean, we had Bush for 2 terms).

Talking about deficit reduction is boring, and people mostly only care about what they can see right now. And what they see right now is massive economic inequality and no government participation to ease unemployment. Obama hasn’t helped much on those fronts, but Mittens and Co. don’t seem to understand all the economists who say their plans will make things worse.

I’m sure many downtrodden denizens have not read HR 6110. But I’m also sure they’ll be hearing a lot about it in the next three months filtered through attack ads. Women will hear about how Ryan supports states that want to criminalize abortion. Seniors in former swing-state Florida will be listening when Team Obama rips into Ryan’s Medicare coupon, er, voucher plan.

Good job, Mittens, good job. You’ve successfully energized your white millionaire demographic. The rest of us will be stockpiling birth control and making plans to ship grandma and grandpa to Canada upon your 28% chance of winning.

Link Time

Paul Ryan’s Voting Record:

Buzzfeed Video List: 10 Defining Videos Of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Nate Silver three days ago, saying that Ryan would not have much effect on swing states:

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“Many people who come here illegally are doing exactly what we would do if we lived in a country where we couldn’t feed our families,” Rubio writes in his memior, An American Son, which went on sale today. “If my kids went to sleep hungry every night and my country didn’t give me an opportunity to feed them, there isn’t a law, no matter how restrictive, that would prevent me from coming here.”

Ooh, that’s going to hurt his intrade numbers. I think Rubio just shot his VP nomination in the foot. The fear of picking someone too bold still haunts the GOP.

Latinos are underrepresented in swing states and remember that the immigrants in Rubio’s home state of Florida are largely Cuban, who tend to vote more conservative anyway.

Also, WaPo: Marco Rubio isn’t being seriously vetted by Romney campaign, adviser confirms.

[Edit: Nevermind. WaPo: Romney: Marco Rubio is being seriously vetted as possible vice presidential choice.

Double  Edit: John Avlon says Romney lying about vetting Rubio for VP. Haha. What the hell, Romney campaign.]

I’m going to go ahead and put my money down on Paul Ryan, whom I already have going on in a private bet. I’m a little hesitant because he doesn’t have great foreign policy cred, but economics is a bigger debate topic this year than foreign policy. And I think he has higher name recognition than Rob Portman.

I haven’t been through many primaries in my adult life. I’ll be a little impressed if i’m right.

We will see by the RNC convention on August 27.

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