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My favorite is “abracadabrant.” =D

Originally posted on The Feminine Miss Geek:

Language is a wonderful thing in that it’s always changing. Some words fade away into disuse and new ones are being made up every day. Myself, I have a love of old fashioned words. I say “swell” as often as I say “cool,” and I like to pretend it’s making a comeback. So while I keep working on “swell,” here’s a few extinct words that you can start using to describe the people and things you love. Next time? We’re bringing out the insults.

  1. abracadabrant: (adjective) marvelous or stunning; beyond belief
  2. bellibone: (noun) a woman exceeding in both beauty and goodness. A combination of the French words belle (beautiful) and bonne (good)
  3. blepharon: (noun) a person with magnificent eyebrows
  4. bloss: (noun) a term of endearment; a buxom young woman.
  5. cowfyne: (noun) a ludicrous term of…

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