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Teachers and students have been striking across Spain this week, in response to the government’s spending cuts. It reminds me of a post my friend (American) made while studying abroad in Seville last fall and witnessing some of the outrage.

Originally posted on Molly In Seville:

Today there were students running around the US campus with megaphones shouting “estudiantes, despiertan!” (“students, wake up!”) trying to grab some support for their protest tomorrow. They’re concerned about tuition increases and “recortes” (cuts) in education.

Wellsians – sounds familiar, right?

But here’s the plot twist:

Spanish students at US pay between 69-102 Euros for every six credits each semester, if I am understanding the handy-dandy BDSM-themed pamphlet that was distributed correctly.

So compared to Wells, where those who came in prior to 2009 pay $28,000/year for 12-20 credits, that’s… nothing.

Now, the tuition hikes shown here…

…Are projections for what might happen by 2020, long after these students have graduated. They also represent the worst case scenario, which is that students in their third year will have to pay 574 Euros for each six credits.

Seriously guys?

So I asked one of the protesters about this. I said…

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