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Neil Irwin at the WonkBlog quells my fears of a corporate takeover:

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is buying The Washington Post. He’s paying $250 million, of his personal funds (we aren’t becoming part of Amazon, in other words, but rather employees of a stand-alone company that Bezos owns).

First things first: Nothing about Wonkblog changes, so far as we know. We’ll be here tomorrow, and the next day, and after the transaction closes in around 60 days, bringing you the latest news and analysis of everything that matters in the worlds of domestic and economic policy.

This was not a day any of us on the staff of the Washington Post saw coming. But it is also a shift into a form of ownership that makes a lot of sense given the realities of the business we find ourselves in. I anticipate that large quantities of brown liquor will consumed at the Post Pub tonight.

In other news, I got my free trial of Amazon Prime in preparation for Breaking Bad next week.

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