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I blogged a lot. I blogged about different things. I looked at my stats. Then I blogged more and wrote for different sites and in different ways.

This is a cute animal. On a hoodie. On a girl.

My boobs are actually much bigger than that in real life. I’m #asian and a 34C.

You should follow my blog. #boobs #boobs #boobs

Hai look, I’m talking about ASIANS and BOOBS on the INTERNET! –

Seriously, what’s up with all these “How to Blog” blogs following me. There’s too many. Find a niche, guys. If you are supposedly SEO geniuses, you should know that already.

  • “How to Write a Porn Blog.” (Be hot.)
  • “How to Be Funny.” (Rip off funny people.)
  • “How to Give Up.” (Join the Army.)
  • “How to Make Money Online.” (Stop learning SEO and learn to code.)

There you go. The secrets to success. Maybe read one or two tutorials. But mostly just try a bunch of shit and then replicate what works.

4/20, Armadillos Metaphor, T-shirt, Fuckit, Smoke Weed

Trust me, I have big boobs.

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I got a a job. Unexpectedly. In finance. (I studied biochemistry in college and dropped out after 30 credits.)

Basically, I’m a personal assistant, except I think my job also involves coding. So yeah, front end and back end. Should be interesting. Maybe I can fix this layout finally.

I’m in some very fancy places (mostly bars) all the time. I think my boss’s girlfriend who works in high fashion is going to come shopping with me with the company credit card.

It’s fucking insane. And pretty awesome.

Somebody remember to punch me if I start talking “Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada.”

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Scandalousmuffin here again with some more cross-blog promotion.

Dis mah blawh! I do wut I want!

Fashion, Beauty, Make-up, and Style Writers Wanted for Original Content Production!

Network with a talented team. Build your writing portfolio. Write about stuff and things that you like!

(Open to all styles of women and men! Good writing  and communication skills a must. Compensation possible in the future.)

I’m also looking for business partners and sponsors. No specific criteria yet, aside from fashion-themed, but let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. Also, graphic designers; F&F can haz logo?

E-mail short cover letter and resume to the address in the About page in the linkety link!

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Vector Marketing Scam

My most popular post currently, in terms of per-day page hits, is my old exposé on Vector Marketing:

The Cult of Cutco: How Vector Marketing Mass-Hires Students into Dubious Contract Labor

Vector Marketing caught on and, realizing they could lose a bunch of money on a Google Search, bought a bunch of shitty domain names to bump down all the talk about how everyone hates Vector Marketing.

They even bought with links to… personal testimonies! *gasp* Read a real story by a real 18-year-old kid!

I understand SEO, Vector Marketing, I see it.

Anyway, if you are a pissed off former Vector employee, go the original Cult of Cutco article and share it. If you want to blog about Vector also and link me, please copy paste the entire post title or use the phrase “Vector Marketing Scam,” because I think those are the two easiest way to help bump my Google rankings back up.

There are easy share buttons at the bottom of the article too. I think the one that gets the most exposure these days is Reddit.

So, thanks, guys. Rock on spreading the information.

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This post was so popular I decided to separate my beauty and fashion posts into their own blog.

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From working in a pharmacy, I’ve learned that Brand isn’t always better.  There are tons of cheap alternatives out there if you only look at the ingredients.  Here are some that I use and keep my hair care costs down.  (Note:  Images not to scale)

Brand: Biosilk Smoothing Serum, 5.64 oz,  $19.19

Alternative: FX Silk Drops Serum 4 oz.  $3.79

It has the main silicone-based ingredients as Biosilk plus Vitamin E , Panthenol Vitamin B5, Retinyl Palmitate Vitamin A and Silk Protein, as well.  Smells great!

Brand: Federick Fekkai Straight Away Straightening Balm, 4oz,  Bath and Body Works:  $17.50

Alternative: Loreal Artec Kiwi Color Reflector Blow Serum, 8.4 oz,  $9.69

With the same main smoothing and heat protecting ingredients, hydroxypropyl guar and demethicone, Kiwi Color provides a great no-build up, light fruity smelling product.  I got it for $5 on sale at my local convenience store and the bottle is twice as big as my Fekkai tube.

Brand: CHI Keratin Mist, 12 oz., Target:  12.99

Alternative: One ‘n Only Ceramic Silk Curling Iron Glaze, 8 oz.,  Sally Beauty:  $5.99

Amino Acids from Protein in hair products is overrated.  It’s the glazing and protection that matters.  Ceramic Silk does it just as well as the well-known CHI brand.

Brand: TIGI Catwalk Headshot Reconstructive Intense Conditioner 6.76 fl oz,  $16.50

Alternative: Tresemme Smooth & Silky Deep Smoothing Masque, 8 oz.,  $3.49

Newsflash!   You can’t “repair” damaged hair.  It’s already dead.  But you can use emollients, Keratin Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin H and Silk Proteins to smooth frizzy and unruly hair.  In just 5 minutes, this rinse out treatment will leave your hair smoother, shinier and more manageable.

Brand: Expensive shampoos and conditioners: Matrixx, CHI, Biolage, etc. Everywhere: $alot

Alternative: The best shampoos and conditioners I’ve used is Infusium.  It’s in most grocery and convenience stores and it’s about half the cost as those huge name brands.

Tressemme shampoos and conditioners are also good if you’re on a budget.  They have huge 64 oz bottles of professional quality shampoo and conditioners for even cheaper than Infusium.

Hope this article helped.  Post comments if you have hair tips or product raves of your own!

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