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MoJo: In Defense of Chick-Fil-A

Good points from Mother Jones:

Chick-fil-A should not be prevented from opening business because of the views of its leaders, or his donations to anti-gay causes. But gays and lesbians in Illinois and Massachusetts have the right to be free from discrimination in employment based on who they are. They also have a right to protest, boycott, and make Chick-fil-A’s customers aware that their purchases fund anti-gay activism. If Chick-fil-A discriminates in hiring or refuses to serve customers on the basis of sexual orientation, the local authorities can and should hold him accountable.

In defense of Boston’s Mayor, he didn’t ban them, he just urged them in his letter not to locate there.

But Rahm Emanuel…

ACLU Backs Chickfil-A Against Rahm Emanuel’s Threatened Ban

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