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Thanks to depression killing whatever creative impetus I had to create, over the last month my blog has basically devolved into re-blogs of stuff I’ve been looking at/reading.



“His candidacy is ‘froth’ with disappointment and failure,” says a commenter at Joe.My.God.

3. A writer of Family Guy blogs about his arrest at Occupy LA.

4. Louis CK produced a show and sold it for $5 on his website for either streaming or a direct download as yours to keep and share and watch forever. Bless his asshole-laced-with-populism heart, he admits in a statement on his site he made less money than he would have by doing a third party production/distribution, but wanted to prove that not everyone would pirate it. The liberal media responds with accolades.

I paid for the show; it wasn’t quite Shameless (2007) or Chewed Up (2008) quality, but definitely on par or slightly funnier than Hilarious (2010)

5. Yanno BuzzFeed. The host site of That Funny Meme you saw on Facebook? Ben Smith of Politico has just been hired by them as CEO to write and hire reporters who will also write original political content. NYTimes reports this a sign of further integration of the social media and the news.