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Have non-political post for Friday.

I listen to a fair amount of indie and post-hardcore, but I do like a good remixed pop song at a club or party. The age of youtube has spawned so many remixes, it’s hard to find groups that are consistently good. Here’s 3 of them that I really enjoy and want to share.


I just discovered these guys (guy? gal?) while trying to find melodic Skrillex remixes that don’t completely ruin the dance vibe with washing machine noises. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Looking at their Youtube and Soundcloud uploads, I see that they’re not quite as big as the other two groups I’m going to talk about, so I felt the need to list them first. Also highly recommend the Michael Jackson/Skrillex and the Kanye/Jay-Z/random dub on their Soundcloud.

DJs from Mars

Nirvana + Timbaland? Really, it works surprisingly well.

They have more of a rock spin than most mash-ups groups I’ve heard.  They do more traditional House mash-ups too like David Guetta vs. Avicii – Where Them Levels At.

On a sidenote, I think New Yorkers should keep their eyes on Rock the Rock NYC, because I can’t name any other NYC festivals for specifically rock/electronica.

The White Panda

I saw them live at Bamboozle this summer and they were the best thing there. Like this, complete with panda masks:

Every major pop song they touch turns to gold. Listen to their top 10 streaming on their website. My favorite track is “Stereo Hands” (remember 720 HD).  Their album “Pandamonium” has 40 tracks less than 2 minutes each, transitioned together, perfect for a party.