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I am at a level of blog popularity where I’ve started to have strangers getting angry and putting thought and effort into vitriolic comments.  It’s adorable.  I’ll add to this list as needed.

People who hate me:

–Austrian Economists

–Socialist Feminists  (This is not  a caricature.)

–People who miss Amy Winehouse

-Kids who worked for Cutco more than a week

–Adolescents with no conception of healthy relationships and Sad Adults who also read Twilight



 If you also hate me, let me know, so I can add you to the list.

The full title of my subheader used to be “socioculturalpolitically incorrect commentary from a misanthropic twat.”

Some of the inspiration for behind the “misanthropic twat” persona that used to be the standard voice of my this blog is Maddox.  He is the original unabashed Internet asshole.  And he became massively famously for it.  He’s probably wealthy too if his royalties for Alphabet of Manliness are as big as his balls.

I’m aiming for Maddox’s lack of shame with a writing style sprinkled with bits of Ze Frank’s smiles and Mark Morford’s political acumen.  When I start getting hate-mail like Mark Morford, I’ll know I’ve made it big:

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Oh no! 4chan slang has permeated the zeitgeist. Whatever shall we do?

Despite what you may have thought from this post’s title and my utterly sexy command of the syntax and mechanics of the English language, I am writing today to defend the use of these fail-chan spawned, meme-generating words.

Indeed, I am guilty of slipping out an “epic” or a “fail” in my real life speech–evidence that the semantics of these units of language have transgressed their e-print abode, and 4chan deserves a note in the OED.

What makes me not an asshole is that I don’t deign to believe that my usage of these words is witty or original. It’s when you start posting terrible one-liners on forums using these bastardizations of the English language like you’re the funniest person in the world that you become that person no one likes.

People also don’t like anal-retentive nitpickers. Fail Blog is popular for a reason. Get over it, you English elitists.

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