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Jonathan Coulton, Mc Chris, and Red Hot Chili Peppers albums

I’m not really good at talking about music on a technical level the way I discuss movies and literature, so I generally stay away from music reviews.  But I just wanted to briefly touch on a couple albums I’ve downloaded recently with an arbitrary rating system.

mc chris – Racewars

When I heard the lyrics ” Youse a dumbmotherfucker, read a book, bitch” on the promo trailer, I knew this was an album for me.  It’s funny, catchy, and pleasing to my nerd ears.  I love rap songs about puppies in boxes and tiny european cars.  My favorite tracks from Racewars include “Where’s my 40?” and “QT” (ode to Quentin Tarantino).  A

Jonathan Coulton – Artificial Heart

I paid $15 for the digital + signed copy, because I heart me some JoCo.  I hope to see him live one day.

There were no gem tracks like his classic “Code Monkey” and “Re: Your Brains,” but the album was still overall satisfying.  He threw in some remixes of his Portal ending credits songs “Still Alive” and “Want you Gone,” which are some goodies.  My favorite tracks include the previously mentioned and “Glasses,” “Je Suis Rick Springfield,” and “The Stache.” B+

Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You 

Ugh. Awful awful awful.  I liked Stadium Arcadium, I really did.  But while this album didn’t make my ears bleed, there are no notable songs on this album that I would want to name as singles at all.  It played in the background while I cleaned my room like muzak.  It’s like all the laziest tracks from all their previous albums on one album.  D-