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If You Like The Daily Show, You’ll Probably Like “The Dictator”

If you go into “The Dictator” with “Borat” expectations, you will most certainly be disappointed. But if you go in with “Ali G Indahouse” expectations, they will most certainly be exceeded.

Complete with a small role from The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi, “The Dictator” is the perfect combination of really smart and really stupid humor that will probably alienate anyone whose humor levels are in between. I thought it was funny, and I love me a good dick joke.

“The Dictator” is a tale of love and betrayal, riddled with genocide, racism, and dick jokes. When Admiral General Hafez Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) is betrayed by his uncle, Tamir (Ben Kingsley-otherwise known as that bald, secondary character associated with movies in the desert), he will end up in the strange unknown country of America.

By a series of forced plot devices, Aladeen will meet his love interest Zoey (Anna Farris), a corporate-hating, vegan-loving Brooklynite. Complete with a gender-neutral haircut and love for protesting, it’s a caricature that manages to be more accurate than offensive. (I’ve been to Williamsburg. Don’t deny it, hipsters.) Because nothing says true love like a feminist urban homesteader + brutal dictator wanted for war crimes.

Cultural confusion and dicks ensue.

If you are expecting a mockumentary, then you didn’t pay attention to the marketing of the movie. “The Dictator” is more like “The Hangover 2” if you replaced Zach Galifianakis with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It’s an Adam Sandler movie, if you replaced Adam Sandler with someone with talent and added relevant political satire.

If anything, the film proves that Sacha Baron Cohen is an extremely versatile actor. And from the 0.5 seconds of it, has a pretty impressive flaccid cock.