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Dan Savage has been doing a video AMA series for The Dish too.

I haven’t read his book, but his podcast is one of my favs. I like listening to crazy sex shit or useful relationship perspectives while I clean the house.

Originally posted on The Dish:

Last week, my old friend Dan Savage and I sat down for an extremely ill-advised public chat about, well, a lot of things. We were at the New York Public Library at a sold-out event, promoting Dan’s typically funny, moving, enraging, provoking, uplifting series of essays, now collected as American Savage. Here’s the full program. Enjoy:

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I’m bisexual. I’ve also used the term “heteroflexible,” but I think that totally falls under bisexual. Representing the B in LGBT.

Some people criticize the authenticity of my bisexuality because all of my whole 4 relationships have been with men. But that’s simply because there are statistically more men that like women than women that like women. Also, most of those men have been soft and pretty.

This is picture of me rolling around the floor with a girl.

A couple of decades ago this was weird, but now social norms say this is hot.

Happy National Coming Out Day

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1. I fucking love science

2. Trust me, I’m a designer

IPhone watercolor case

3. George Takei – I really hope I’m as hip as George Takei when I’m 75.

“I find her lack of black…fabulous.”

“Get it at

Original concept: Comedian Keith Lowell Jensen, Sacramento CA

Proceeds benefit my show “Allegiance.” Thanks!”

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We all know that the Chick-fil-A last month was public relations nightmare, with their donations to the SPLC-defined “hate group” the Family Research Council being the cherry on the scandal.

The Family Research Council is one of those groups that lobby Washington to force “Judeo-Christian” values down our throats via legislation. And gets pissed off when people criticize them, because they don’t understand the First Amendment.

AMERICAblog has an excellent post about how terrible the FRC really is:

Let me give you a made-up example of a quote about gays to who you how [sic] the family research council did this.

“This study looked at 45 gay men, and 35 lesbians.  It was clear from the subjects that gay men and lesbians face greater societal pressures in their day to day lives… which makes gays and lesbians much more likely to rip the heads off small bunnies.”

Wow, rip the heads off small bunnies – that’s pretty bad.  But hey, it’s a real study in a real journal, so it has to be true.  Except of course that the real quote from the actual study ends at the ellipse, while the FRC added its own opinion after the ellipse, while “forgetting” to put the end quote, so it looks like the FRC’s opinion is part of the official quote from the reputable study.

Gosh, I wonder how that happened?

It went on and on like this, through hundreds of footnotes.  I went through the original research of the various studies they cited and found that the study reached no such conclusion like the FRC claimed it did.  And on and on and on.

These are not honest people simply expressing a contrarian view of politics, like Democrats and Republicans do every day in Washington.

Tony Perkins, FRC’s head, got on TV a few months ago to debate whether gay parents were as good as straight parents.  Perkins said “no,” and he had the study to prove it.  Perkins explained how studies have proven that kids need a mom and a dad.  What Perkins didn’t bother telling you was that those studies compared kids with a mom and a dad to kids with a single parent.  The studies never looked at the relative merits of gay parents.  Gay parents might have been just as good, or heck, even better than straight parents.  The study didn’t even look at it.  But Perkins cited the study as proof that straight parents were better than gay parents, when the study had nothing to do with it.

And again, Dana, if you actually go through the FRC’s “research,” you will find this kind of “mistake” happening again and again.  It happens so often, it’s happened for twenty years now that I’ve been tracking them, that you come to realize that lying for the Family Research Council isn’t a flaw, it’s a feature.

I don’t really have strong opinions about the shooting and whether it should be called a “hate crime” or not, since I’m not for criminalizing reasons behind intent. But if FRC isn’t classified as a hate group, then I don’t know what should be.

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Remember, it was sanctioned by God.

Event Page on Facebook–the conservative commenters are adorable.

God 12 minutes ago

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New Suite 101 article online posted today.

How Chick-fil-A Created a Public Relations Nightmare

“I think this is part of the wake-up call for companies to understand that social media makes these decisions very, very risky,” Reed said, “because it’s much easier now for these messages to get out to consumers and consumers to virtually organize.”

Individuals have free speech rights as guaranteed by the First Amendment, but they also must accept the responsibilities that come with those rights. When an individual freely take on a figurehead position, he or she essentially becomes the voice of the company and it creates a relationship between the President’s words and the company’s image. By speaking so loosely, Dan Carthy opened himself and Chick-fil-A up to the consequences, and the consequences appear to be socially, politically, and possibly for the company’s profits, significant.

If anything, Chick-fil-a has managed to make a polarizing issue out of the consumption of chicken sandwiches…

Read more at Suite101: How Chick-fil-A Created a Public Relations Nightmare

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Good points from Mother Jones:

Chick-fil-A should not be prevented from opening business because of the views of its leaders, or his donations to anti-gay causes. But gays and lesbians in Illinois and Massachusetts have the right to be free from discrimination in employment based on who they are. They also have a right to protest, boycott, and make Chick-fil-A’s customers aware that their purchases fund anti-gay activism. If Chick-fil-A discriminates in hiring or refuses to serve customers on the basis of sexual orientation, the local authorities can and should hold him accountable.

In defense of Boston’s Mayor, he didn’t ban them, he just urged them in his letter not to locate there.

But Rahm Emanuel…

ACLU Backs Chickfil-A Against Rahm Emanuel’s Threatened Ban

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