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Game of Thrones Rap Battle (Hodor Remix)

A little late to be topical, but just in case anyone missed it, did you know the Game of Thrones Rap Battle (original in link) has a Hodor Remix?

Since I’m into the nerd-themed music and am all caught up on GOT, may I also recommend…

An Entire Game of Thrones Nerdcore Album by up-and-coming artist in the Brooklyn scene (but based in Memphis, TN) Adam Warrock.

Whur My Boats At? (Remix) that I actually like better than the original:

And a The White Panda mash-up of Rihanna and the Game of Thrones theme song that I can’t decide if I like or not:

Reminder to myself to do a longer post featuring Adam WarRock, because I think he really is the best new-ish person in NerdCore.

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