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Fun Link Friday, I got a tumblr.

I started a tumblr a while back, but I suck at commitment so there’s not much there.  I haven’t decided whether I should move Fun Link friday, but if I start doing Webcomic Wednesday again, it’ll definitely go on the tumblr instead of here.  We’ll see:  Book of Mormon sounds awesome.  NPR first listen for the win.  Unfortunately, last time I checked (a couple months ago), tickets were sold out until November.  Brostmodernism.  Pot helps Autistic child.  Holy timelapse. Rarely do I have the attention span to a fully watch one, but god damn.  “Customer support and shit? Mega-check.”  How can you not hire a guy with a cover letter this good?  How online personalizaton causes cognitive tunnel vision.  One of the best TED talks I’ve seen in a while.  Louis CK gives comments in a Q&A on his “shittiest generation” Conan bit

Saddest picture ever, first seen on reddit’s first world problems: