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Flash fiction – Lemon

I got an honorable mention this week on Boxing with Pencils. The flash fiction contest was simple: 100 words or less and you had to include the words yellow, swindle, and lament. My entry:

The lemon didn’t ask to be chosen by God. He was enjoying his yellow sun-kissed existence, protecting the seeds of the next generation.

But walking underneath was a distraught girl.  Her boyfriend had swindled her out of her virginity, with broken promises of love and forever.  There was nothing for consolation but a long walk with a close confidant.

Our hero fell and landed in their path.  Momentarily stunned, the tear-stained one picked him up.

“Are you going to make lemonade?”

“No, I’m going to throw it at his car.”

In her dark backpack, the lemon could only lament.

Existential despair.  It’s my speciality.

Flash fiction is extremely addictive.  Go check out Boxing With Pencils, cute little site that I think has a lot of potential but not a big community yet. I entered this week’s flash fiction contest also.  You can sign up for entries or comments using your facebook account.