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Domtar (Big Paper) Releases Ads that Reek of Desperation

Here is an attempt at viral marketing that pushes against paperless. I never knew paper companies felt so threatened by iPads.

I’ve never heard of them, but apparently Domtar is the largest manufacturer of uncoated sheet paper in North America.

Bullet points from Big Paper include:

> Opening a nice envelope is surprisingly exciting.

> The mail carrier is getting a little pudgy.

>Underneath all our wireless streaming, hands-free technology, we’re still people.

Paper is PERSONAL!  Paper is PURPOSEFUL! Paper is KNOWLEDGE!

Guys, this is a call to action. Our love of opening envelopes is in a precarious position. If we let Clouds overtake our planners, our humanity will fall like Domtar’s stock prices. Our children will descend into the chaos of ADHD. Our corporate ideals will be ripped like babies from their mothers’ breasts, and freedom will be eaten by the fascism of inefficiency.

Thank you, Domtar, for opening my eyes to the dangers of digital; you should make an app for this.