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Depressing Day for the Democrats in Political News

^Anthony Weiner’s Speech Presented by Guilty Looking Dachshunds.

Anthony Weiner’s vacated seat is lost to the GOP.  How did the Democratically heavy 9th district manage to lose to the Republicans?

Dem. contender David Weprin had a series of gaffes over the summer, fucking up knowledge of the national debt.  He also failed to pander to the Hassidic Jewish population, which are a significant voter demographic in the Brooklyn section of the 9th.  His opponent, Bob Turner, was supported by Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat and an orthodox Jew, and local rabbis.

Nate Silver predicts that the 2012 elections will end up looking a lot like 2010:

Democrats might not lose many more seats in the House if that were the case, since most of their vulnerable targets have already been picked off, but it would limit their potential for any gains. And it could produce dire results for the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, where they have twice as many seats up for re-election.

Newsflash:  Young people still suck at knowing what district they’re in and who their Congressperson is.  In case you missed it:

In Ohio, volunteers are rallying against House Bill 194, which would limit the window to send in absentee ballots, among other voter-friendly practices. In this op-ed by Cincinnati’s Howard Wilkinson, whose Enquirer byline is “don’t trust anyone else,”  he notes that “it won’t be in effect for the November 2012 presidential election either, because that is the day when Ohioans will go to the polls not only to choose a president but to vote up-or-down on House Bill 194.”

By his own logic, it won’t help the 2012 election. Yet the rest of his article is talking about why Democrats are flipping out right now.  It’s a sad day for politics, when people sincerely believe that everything that hurts the other party and democratic process is good for America.

Oh wait, that’s every day now.