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Hat-tip to Paul Gilmartin via The Mental Illness Happy Hour for the mental health class tip.

I thought this would be good follow-up to the Cara Santa Maria post.

Coursera is offering a bunch of free summer courses that you can enroll in today and start a bit later.

The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness starts June 24th and lasts 6 weeks. I was looking at it, but then, while browsing other courses, I found Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression from the University of Melbourne. And then I found Virology I from Columbia University. Score! Free learning!

The Gene class starts July 1 and lasts 6 weeks. Virology starts August 1 and lasts 11 weeks.

I couldn’t decide which one of two I wanted to do more, so I signed up for both. It’s only a two week overlap. I’ve never taken a Cousera class before, but I’ve heard good things.

I’ll post reviews for the classes on here in a couple months.


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Originally posted on my old DeviantArt.  Creative commons license, no commercial use or modifications.

A Condensed Version of College

When they met on Topless Tequila Tuesday, he asked if she wanted to be his beer pong partner.  She smiled and said sure, but she had to go soon to study for an exam the next morning.  He said that was cool; he himself had taken extra precaution to not schedule any classes before noon.  She was in the pre-med program and he was studying business.

They both eventually graduated.

She was accepted to a third-rate med school.  But after learning that a three-year residency was practically indentured servitude, she moved back in with her parents and made a decent living wage bartending.

He tried some entrepreneurial endeavors, like managing a regional high-end knife chain.  But after realizing that these businesses were modified pyramid schemes, he got a job at his dad’s company selling life insurance.

But on that Tuesday night, they weren’t thinking about their long-term futures.  He was wondering if his roommate wanted her too, and she was wondering if her roommate would approve of him.  As they stood in their underwear, throwing ping-pong balls across a table into cups 1/3 full of Heineken, responsibility seemed so far away.

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Damn having a social life.  Fun Link Friday is kinda dying. 🙁  Maybe I should just make it Fun Link Sunday.  I will miss the alliteration, though.

Best jobs in America.

Urban gymnastics.

I love hidden images.

I don’t remember that part of Red/Blue.  I guess I was too much of a dick, bathing in rare candy and hyper potions, as I rode my majestic Gyardos.

My latest edition to my blog surfer.  I will now read some David Foster Wallace, while sipping tea with my pinky out.

Oh, higher education:

This is what happens when pelvic thrusting meets saxophones:

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